Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Black Nazi News: The MSM, Regarding a Certain Kind of “Crime”—Race Matters, Matters, Matters!



If police refuse to enforce the law against criminals, even when the criminals attack them, how can they then legitimately enforce the law against civilians who take it upon themselves to do the cops’ job? The rule of law is dead on America, but the police, instead of using crushing force against out-of-control, colored criminals, use crushing force against law-abiding whites and Asians, and against any whites or Asians who do the job the police refuse to do, where colored criminals are concerned. This condition was dubbed by the late Sam Francis as “anarcho-tyranny”: The state give complete license to criminals, while exercising complete tyranny against the law-abiding. However, as American state and society continue to degenerate, we will increasingly have a situation characterized by utter confusion.

Minneapolis police have refused to enforce law against #BlackLivesMatter (someone has more accurately dubbed them, “Black Lies Matter”) Nazis, even when they were rioting against a police station. The cops have permitted BLM to illegally take over the street here, in front of the station house.

The whites who shot five BLM terrorists should be given a medal. Note that if the police had done their job in the first place, there wouldn’t have been a BLM encampment for any whites to try and clean up.

Note that earlier reports claimed that the BLM terrorists were trying to “herd” out of the area whites who were demonstrating against them. BLM had no legal right to infringe upon anyone’s First Amendment rights, and “herd” is newspeak for assault. Thus, if the BLM Nazis were assaulting the white protesters, the latter had every legal, not to mention moral right to shoot them dead. But don’t expect local prosecutors, cops, or the media to respect the white protestors’ rights.

Can someone please tell me why whites are paying taxes to support police who are their enemy?


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Anonymous said...

On public radio, I heard the commentator describe the whites as "infiltrators." Huh? They were OBSERVERS. The kicker was that one of the Blacks that got shot in the leg said he FOLLOWED the whites when one them opened fired on him.

So, that would mean the Blacks RACIALLY PROFILED the whites. Unstated was if the other Blacks that got shot were engaging in attempted mob action against the OBSERVERS.