Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mississippi Burning: A Double Lynching

By Nicholas Stix

National MSM: ‘There was a lynching in Mississippi? A double-lynching?! Who were the victims? Oh. And the suspect? Double oh.’

‘Forget it.’

Forget it, Jake, it’s Mediatown.



War crime victim Kristy Lynn Mitchell; the little girl on her knee may be one of her grandchildren or nieces

War crime victim Suzanne Hogan

Suspected war criminal Zebulum Lael James. If he'd been shot by police or his (alleged) victims, he’d be national news.

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Anonymous said...

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I m especially watching out for her boyfriend--still wanted for an open murder charge.You never know when you might unluckily cross paths with another Danzler type serial killer.I ll keep you updated when Jermaine Cooper is apprehended and other details as well.