Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dr. Trump and Mr. Hyde on Immigration: Schizophrenia Returns


“You are going to have a deportation force, and you are going to do it humanely.”

By Nicholas Stix

“He’s triangulating, idiot!”

That was a 15-year-old member of the Stix Family, who shall remain nameless.

It had to be on Wednesday, since we were all at home watching CNN. School was closed for Veterans Day.

Donald Trump had just spoken the night before of forming a “deportation force” to remove illegal aliens—which I had estimated last November to number between 40 million and 50 million—from American soil. (Never mind that we already had ICE.) Now, a Trump representative was saying that we would deport all of these people, and “they’ll come back through that big, golden door” in the border wall.

Why deport anyone, if you’re just going to them back in?

It was my ruminating aloud the contradiction in Trump’s immigration position that elicited the response at the top.

If the Trump rep represents Trump’s true position, then Trump is no different than Ted Cruz, who says he hates illegal immigration, but loves legal immigration.

Of course, as my colleague, Washington Watcher, pointed out at VDARE just an hour ago, whatever the real number of illegal aliens present on American soil is, only a fraction of them would have to be deported.
Encouraging illegal aliens to “self-deport” by simply cutting off the jobs and welfare magnets would save money and time.
But Washington Watcher grants that we would still have to engage in mass deportations, to show we mean business, and to restore the rule of law. Of course, according to the Treason Lobby, for whom one deportation is one too many, even 100,000 forced removals would be “mass deportations.” And that’s assuming we get a new president, rather than a president-for-life.

I assume nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Trump hedges because he hopes to get that one Mexican guy that m i g h t believe,after enough tequila, Trump will not deport his worthless butt out of here--and vote for him...thereby carrying Ohio and winning the electoral college.I think Trump would be tougher on deporting illegals than he talks now,but would never have a chance of winning the election if he really let out his true plan.Sort of like Marine La Pen in France is talking now--your next French president.