Sunday, November 15, 2015

EU Official: The Rightwing is Responsible for the Moslem Terror Attacks!

By Nicholas Stix

No sooner had I sent the mocking twit above, on how the New York Times were acting as if the Right had committed the Paris Moslem attacks, and I saw a twit saying just that! These people hate their own patriots; they do not hate the terrorists. They owe their allegiance to the people who are trying to kill them.

The rightwing has committed no attacks, though leftists have violently attacked patriots. However, given European national and transnational governments that support the genocidal Left and Islam, the patriotic Right has no choice but to resort to violence.


Anonymous said...

We have one intelligent governor--someone who I NEVER thought I'd say that about.Rick Snyder just put a stop to Syrian refugees coming into Michigan.Quoting Snyder:"As much as we sympathize with the plight of the Syrians,we need to protect our own people first".No further comment needed.

Anonymous said...

As it turns out,the states have no power to keep "refugees" out--if Obama wants to bring them in--and he sure as hell does.Full blast ahead with the insanity.