Friday, November 20, 2015

Frank Sinatra, Some Boy Singers, and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra: “East of the Sun (and West of the Moon)”

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This version is from the early 1940s. It’s not Sinatra’s best, which came about 15 years later, in a recording in which he hit some of the highest notes of his career. The latter performance came about, in spite of his voice having roughened up by hemorrhaged vocal chords, circa 1951, and by long-term, intensive treatment by tobacco and alcohol therapy. However, this performance has its virtues—the Tommy Dorsey Organization’s playing, especially the Capellmeister, the boy singers backing up Sinatra, and the sweetness and suppleness of the young Voice.

There were numerous phases of Sinatra’s career and, except for the last few years, if you love excellence in vocalizing, you’d do well to listen to work he did in all of them.


“I could be wrong, but suspect that the ‘echo’ on this is actually something done to a lot of great records in the '60s and 70's. Many of the great oldies at the time were being remastered to ‘simulate stereo.’ Unfortunately, I've never heard one of these that actually sounded like stereo. More often than not, it made the music sound like it had been recorded in a barrel.”

East of the Sun (and West of the Moon)
Words & Music by Brooks Bowman (1934)

East of the sun,
And west of the moon,
We'll build a dream house,
Of love, dear.

Near to the sun in the day,
Near to the moon at night,
We'll live in a lovely way, dear,
Living on live in the pale moonlight.

Just you and I,
Forever and a day,
Love will not die,
We'll keep it that way.

Up among the stars we'll find,
A harmony of life to a lovely tune,
East of the sun, and west of the moon dear,
East of the sun, and west of the moon.

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