Saturday, April 02, 2016

15 Forms of Black Privilege in America

By Nicholas Stix

• Being permitted to conduct themselves in an outrageous manner in public, including indecent exposure, which would not be tolerated from whites;
• Freedom from punishment for outrageous and violent behavior in school;
• The license to terrorize white and Asian adults in public;
• Getting to commit criminal race hoaxes, without ever being punished, and frequently while extorting windfall payoffs;
• Admission to exclusive, overpriced private schools, despite being outrageously unqualified;
• Admission to overpriced private universities, for which they are intellectually and morally unfit;
• License to commit egregious misconduct in college, including plagiarism, cheating, and cursing out one’s instructors, without punishment, let alone expulsion;
• Affirmative grading and social promotion at all educational levels;
• Getting high-priced, influential and responsible jobs, for which they are unqualified and unfit;
• The license to terrorize one’s white colleagues and underlings;
• Promotion of their racist lies via publication of their letters and essays in newspapers, and interviews on TV, radio, and social media;
• “Free” home mortgages, paid for by whites;
• Having armies of “journalists,” “scholars,” “educators,” lawyers, politicians and “activists” lying, pressuring other people, and even committing crimes on one’s behalf.
• Getting to commit crimes for which they receive criminal justice affirmative action when caught—charges automatically dramatically reduced, before first court hearing; charges dropped; or receiving little or no punishment, if convicted; and
• The power to commit crimes against whites, and then have one’s victims arrested and prosecuted.


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Anonymous said...

Most government freebies like section 8 and food stamps go to blacks.Brilliant list by the way.Just the start of what will be many more.The problem is,none of those black privileges advances our country one inch--only the lazy,criminal black individual.They are detriments overall in our society.Excellent thoughts.
--GR Anonymous

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These niggers are too stupid to realize they are merely an expendable asset to target Whites and that when and if Whites get marginalized they will no longer be necessary to the state that uses them as pawns. I doubt they will enjoy any status other than menial slaves when that happens. They cannot possibly feed themselves without their government masters.