Sunday, October 24, 2010

Parallel Universes: Juan Williams vs. Law & Order Los Angeles and Detroit 187

See also my Middle American News exposé: “NBC’s Law & Order: Anti-White Propaganda in the Culture War.”

And for a follow-up, read A Race Against Time’s essay, “The Law & Order Franchise Is Anti-White Propaganda.”

One of my readers quotes Steve Sailer, regarding NPR’s firing of Juan Williams,

But, what if [Williams] said that seeing the blue-eyed, blond all-American jihadi terrorists on last night's episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles made him "worried" and "nervous?"

And responds,

Right, if he had said that it would have been OK.

I am watching Detroit 187 the other night for just a few minutes.

Young negress found dead. The first two suspects are the white construction worker and the white boyfriend of the dead girl.

First there is probably NO construction in Detroit and you can bet no white guy would show his face to apply for a job as a worker on the site.

And too, a colored girl with a young white boy friend? Give me a break. All is harmony of course between the races and the police force of Detroit. Sure.

Negress is not in the spell checker either.

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