Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ann Coulter’s Gay Courtship

By Nicholas Stix

Ann Althouse is a law professor, but don’t hold it against her…yet.

She blogged the following (complete piece) on Monday:

"I like gays. I like all gays. And not just the ones who are Ann Coulter drag queens."

Said Ann Coulter in 2006, quoted today, by Mickey Kaus, who's defending her against the NYT, which has a big article on her saying she's "taking some surprising new positions" now that "the Tea Party movement have [sic] stolen much of her thunder." One of the supposedly "surprising new positions" she's taken is pro-gay. Mickey says:

Coulter has a whole chapter in her [2007] book
If Democrats Had Any Brains They'd Be Republicans on why gays should join the GOP. The chapter is called "No Gays Left Behind!"... Pretty shrewd of her to realize in 2007 that in two years the Tea Parties would rise up and steal her "thunder"—so she'd better start going for the gays!

Ha ha.

Not a single commenter was opposed to homosexual marriage.

Commenter 1jpb said...

What's the big deal about the word marriage? If I understand jr, they're saying that the gays can have all of the legal aspects of marriage, but just not the word.

10/11/10 6:47 PM

I responded, as follows:

That’s why “civil unions” (or any other Trojan horse) are just as unacceptable as “gay marriage.”

No gay marriage means no gay marriage.

Her new career as fag hag notwithstanding, I still consider Ann Coulter my spiritual sister. But something’s gotta give. Either she’ll have to renounce her principles, or the gays’ll renounce her. Like Moslems and Marxists, homosexuals today require total submission. (And I wrote that prior to the gelding of Carl Palladino!)

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Anonymous said...

Your post is the first negative comment by a conservative on Ann's new boyfriends that I am aware of, Nicholas. Bout time.
I challenged James Fulford's blurb over at VDare when he called attention to Ann's appreciation of Joe Sobran, recently deceased. I don't think Joe would have gone for it and that's to put it mildly.

For that matter, I just got my copy of Sobran's Hustler, which is a collection of his essays on Clinton - with a foreword by Ann. Hmmm. She writes that the Senate's aquittal of Clinton left her in a deeply pathetically despondent mess.
OK, I can't say the same, but it still was disappointing to hear about her selling out.

Dunno what gives. Might be the TParty. Or it might be Palin. Maybe Ann's hearing some footsteps and is worried that she is no longer THE conservative hot babe. Next, will she say Juan Sydney McCain is a real conservative?
Stay tuned, I guess!

Bob S

As for the Gay Mafia, how about the Gay Nazis? Check out the comments over at Amazon for Lively and Abrams' Pink Swastika and tell me where's the love?