Thursday, October 07, 2010

Fake Boobs, Fake Racism Charges, Real Violence? The Daniela Gaskie Story

By Nicholas Stix


Is Daniela Gaskie, aka Miss Kentucky Latina, the victim of racial profiling? Make that, the former Miss Kentucky Latina.

Gaskie has been stripped of her title, following charges that last Wednesday, she assaulted two people in separate attacks, minutes apart, one allegedly with her fists and knee, and another with a pen. She first allegedly stabbed a gas station attendant (race and ethnicity unknown) in the neck with a pen—don’t laugh; you can kill a person that way—and then allegedly beat the heck out of a white, middle-aged, female pharmacist who had been sitting in the pharmacist’s car, across the street from the gas station, kneeing her in the stomach, and punching and scratching her bloody. According to police, Gaskie “smelled of alcohol,” even though it was only the afternoon.

[Gaskie] is charged with second-degree assault, a Class C felony; first-degree criminal mischief, a Class D felony; fourth-degree assault, a Class A misdemeanor and disorderly conduct, a Class B misdemeanor.

If convicted, Gaskie faces up to 10 years in prison.

She is free on a $10,000 cash bond.

Gaskie is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Madison District Court.

“Beauty queen accused in assault stripped of title,” by Emily Burton The Richmond Register, October 6, 2010.

Gaskie insists that she is the real victim here, not the people with wounds from punches to the face, knees to the stomach, stabbings in the neck, bites and bloody scratches. (I got the story from one of my VDARE editors, James Fulford.) She insists that she is being “racially profiled,” because she’s “Mexican.” But “Mexican” isn’t a race, and she doesn’t look Mexican, to begin with, because she’s white!

Legally, Miss Gaskie may enjoy the presumption of innocence regarding her alleged attacks, but she enjoys no such privilege regarding her racism charges, or her breasts. Both are patently fake.

Indeed, her recourse to the “racial profiling” pretext suggests, if anything, a presumption of guilt. When have you ever heard of a black or Hispanic who was a real victim, playing the racial profiling card?

Gaskie’s notoriety also shone a light of scrutiny on one of her most precious professional assets.


While I have no official credentials in such matters, I must unbosom myself of the revelation that I have spent much of my life studying the female breast. As an amateur, as it were.

In an ugly world, I search for beauty. Not all female mammaries are beautiful, but I find that below a certain age, ugly ones are the exception.

Four factors suggest a breast hoax on Miss Gaskie’s part. Her boobs are too perfectly equal, too top-heavy, too dense, and lack cleavage.

As all bosomologists are aware, though very close, every pair of breasts is imperfect. One is slightly larger than the other, and their shapes do not perfectly match. Conversely, Miss Gaskie’s pair appears to be a perfect match. Too perfect.

Contrary to Miss Gaskie’s breasts, a real bosom is also not top-heavy. Something to do with the law of gravity.

Miss Gaskie’s breasts also have an unnatural thickness to them, beyond what a push-up bra could lend them.

And bosomy women have cleavage. Miss Gaskie has none. Large breasts without cleavage is a dead giveaway as to what the trade calls “breast augmentation.” No woman with that size natural endowment, would have such a separation.

But that’s not all folks.

It seems that Daniela “Gaskie” is a married woman, and thus ineligible to be a “Miss” anything. The Miss Latina U.S. Organization said that, had it known that she was married, she would have been stripped of her crown, even without the arrest.

Someone may also want to scrutinize “Gaskie’s” papers; she looks older than 22 to me. The Boss suggests that she’s 38; I initially thought she was about 28, but now I’m not so sure. Look at those cheeks, suffering from the beginnings of sunken cheek syndrome (typically afflicting slender women app. 35-40 years of age), that ragged jawline, the lines on her neck, the eyes. She’s a gorgeous woman with beautiful hair, but 22, she ain’t. Papers, please.

In so many fields of endeavor, we give more credit to what one has earned through grit and sweat, as opposed to the blessings of God or nature. Physical beauty is different. To the degree that a woman has gotten her “beauty” from a plastic surgeon or other man-made means, I write her off. That may be unfair, but life is unfair. If you can buy beauty, it ain’t beauty anymore.

This woman throws up so many red flags that you have to wonder what her real name and history are. “Gaskie” isn’t a Mexican name. Is it her married name? How many names has she used over the years? These are still only allegations, but what sort of person gets drunk in the afternoon, and then beats up random strangers, and does so the way “Gaskie” allegedly did? The sort of “22-year-old” who will stab one stranger in the neck with anything at hand and knee another stranger in the stomach, usually has a lot of practice at violence. Of course, since she is a member of not one but two unconstitutionally “protected groups,” “Gaskie” would have to get caught murdering someone, dealing drugs, or robbing a bank, before she would have a criminal record.

What sort of background check, if any, did Miss Latina U.S., founded by Acirema Alayeto, perform on “Gaskie”? Did they contact the high school that she claimed to have graduated from? Her college? Check her identification? Credit history? It sounds like this was yet another case of “due diligence, diversity-style.”

With that said, Miss Latina U.S. violates the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and is thus illegal, but don’t hold your breath, waiting for the feds to shut it down.


Anonymous said... says Daniela Gaskie is 26.

Anonymous said...

An additional earlier comment seems not to have been posted. Info at claims a 1987 year of birth and a Pittsford, NY address. She is associated with (daughter of?) a Bart S. Gaskie, 63, who is likely the owner of, a site that provides, among other things, English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translations. They and an Ana Gaskie (age 45--her mother?) are associated with Chula Vista, CA, Bentonville, AR, and Louisville, KY. "I do peace!!!" is an imperishable quote.

Nicholas Stix said...


Thanks so much for your help.

Although your first, 9:01 a.m. comment didn't show up here, somehow, it did get sent to my mailbox.

I see that she says she is 22, but I'll take that as being as credible as her thoughts on world peace. I do see, however, that even her page says that she's married!

Anonymous said...

Lots of info about Bart Gaskie--not sure if it's relevant to the discussion (and I am simply making the assumption that he's Daniela's father, but the evidence strongly suggests he is). He's as white as they come, of course. In any event, Daniela's claim to being "Mexican" is utterly specious.

Anonymous said...

Okay, my last comment on the subject. . I bet she's completely forgotten this is still out there. The pics are all from her "before" days. But as she, again imperishably, puts it, "The ends justifies the means."

Unknown said...

You people are way off the mark on so many levels. I won't bother to address most of the comments, but I have known her for a long time and she is most defiinitely 22 years old. Her Mother IS from Mexico. She is a personal friend of mine.

I am wondering why all the nasty comments about her appearance? Obviously, many people do not agree with you as she has won numerous titles in beauty pageants. She is a beautiful girl.

I am not defending any actions that she may or may not have done in the evening in question, but really, speculating as to whether or not she has fake boobs and is really 22 is just ridiculous and pointless.

Anonymous, Pittsford, NY