Thursday, October 28, 2010

Whites Have Nothing to Apologize for!


A reader writes:

Hello my name is ……. and am in accord with the bulk of your writings.

I currently live in Baltimore a majority black urban wasteland. I have been attacked by blacks on several occasions, primarily in my youth walking home from bars after not getting a cab. Considering the numerical superiority of my assailants I felt no qualms about remonstrating quite vigorously. Never any mention in the paper or even in the crime blotter.

I was in the military for a time and have observed blacks behaving badly all across the country. Most notably New Orleans having made the mistake of attending Mardi Gras in 1995. All members of our party were separately engaged by multiple blacks presumably in the pursuit of robbery, but of course I know better now.

Blacks hate whites very deeply, they of course want sex with our women but they hate them too. I honestly believe one cannot live in a city like Baltimore or really any majority black city and not become involved in a violent incident with a black. I am of course disagreeable but I have known many kind and gentle people and they have had trouble also. I will not go into further detail at the moment because it would not be prudent, I could go on ad nauseum about bad experiences with minorities, perhaps another time. But I despise them and I despise their guilty, weak, white allies. One would think they would get tired of apologizing for them. Sorry for soliloquizing –…….

My response follows:

Dear ……,

Thanks for writing. And don't apologize! You have nothing to apologize for. My God, it's bad enough that whites take their lives in their hands not only every time they walk on a street in Baltimore, but every time they walk around "safe" white neighborhoods, and, as some poor young fellows learned in Baytown, Texas a few years back, just walking on their own parents' property, to throw out some garbage. But on top of that, they're not allowed to so much as complain about the race war being waged on them, since that will cost them their jobs, their professions and, as Jeremiah Munsen and the Mizzou Two learned, even their freedom.



P.S. I only mentioned Baltimore specifically, because my correspondent did. What he said is of course true of "any majority black city," any city with a substantial number of blacks and, increasingly, even cities with relatively few blacks, such as Seattle, which was reportedly only 8.2% black, as of 2005.

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