Saturday, October 23, 2010

“David Brooks: Obama told me ‘shovel-ready’ was a crock…a year ago”

By Nicholas Stix

Never let it be said that I don’t give Republican diva Michelle Malkin credit, when she does something of value.

Last Saturday, Malkin, or whoever was blogging under her byline wrote,
This much: On the PBS NewsHour last night, Brooks admitted that President Obama told him a year ago that he knew that the “shovel-ready project” propaganda he employed to pass the massive porkulus bill was a steaming load of bullcrap.

“David Brooks: Obama told me ‘shovel-ready’ was a crock…a year ago,” by “Michelle Malkin.”

Last spring, I saw an alleged economist on MSNBC, who maintained that the “stimulus” had been a success, because it had “saved jobs” that otherwise would have been lost.

That was certainly a crock. “Obama” sold an almost $800 billion program, arguing that it would create new jobs, not that it would save existing ones. The alleged economist lied.

But much as I despise the courtier Brooks, I must defend him against Malkin. When “Obama” told Brooks that the information was “off the record,” that meant that Brooks couldn’t use it. “No” doesn’t necessarily mean “no,” but “off the record” means “off the record.” It’s as simple as that. Journalism 101.

And so, while I have given Malkin credit in the past, and stand ready to do so in the future, this is not one of those times. She took a really cheap shot at Brooks.


Christopher said...

You're wrong to criticize Malkin for using the alleged off the record remark. Obama told _Brooks_ 'off the record.' Then _Brooks_ blabbed. Cat's out of the bag, Malkin, you, me, anyone can quote Brook's allegation and admission at that point. 'Off the record' isn't like some copyright thing that travels with the statement. Brooks blabbed and bragged --on TV no less! It's gone. It's out there. Done, finito. Maybe if Malkin was a sweetheart she might have not mentioned it just to be nice to Brooks, but, their in the big leagues. What, Brooks can play inside baseball on that show and Malkin can't talk about it?

Glaivester said...

Christopher, you are mininterpreting Stix. He didn't criticize her for using the remark. if you read the article that Stix linked to, you will see that Malkin is accusing Brooks of being a sycophant for not reporting this news sooner. That is what Stix is criticizing her for - her assertion that Brooks should have revealed the remark sooner.

As to whether or not it is appropriate for Brooks to decide to reveal that Obama said this to him now, I don't know. I don't know under what circumstances "off the record" expires.