Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Buck Stops Here: I’ll Take the Rap for Rick Sanchez

By Nicholas Stix

Rick Sanchez getting 50,000 volts during better times.

Initially, when Rick Sanchez got canned from CNN for criticizing the Jews’ power in the media, I was going to disavow responsibility for his dismissal and exile. But then it occurred to me: Although I didn’t personally call Jim Walton over at CNN Worldwide and order him to fire Sanchez, as the head of ZOG, I’m still responsible for anything that any of my uncountable minions does. Thus, Sanchez’ carcass is nevertheless mine.


reloader said...

No need to call Shabbo Jim, Philip I. Kent and his boss Jeffrey Bewkes took care of it for you.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. Just anotheer uppity house niggra, Sanchez was.

Kathy Shaidle said...

Hey, Head of ZOG -- my checks keep bouncing! The hell??

Nicholas said...

Sorry, Kathy. I weakened, and hired one of those University of Chicago nincompoops for payroll. Everything’s gone awry, ever since. There’s just no good help, anymore. I’ll take care of it.

Anonymous said...

The media is controlled by Jews, a fact that is responsible for much of the problems you complain about. And Jon Stewart is a bigot; he doesn't use his real name not because he doesn't want people to know he's a Jew, most of his fans know that, but because having his Jewish name all over the show would drop the curtain and make people realize that much of his "humor" is nothing but hate. You had a choice of choosing between your principles and race, and your little joke makes clear which one you chose.

Sanchez was a professional Hispanic and a professional white-hater (but then, most media scum are, in part because of fact #1 above), so there's an element of two rats fighting in the gutter here.