Thursday, October 07, 2010

Raceless Honeybee Killer, Driving a Colorless Chevy Pickup and Wearing a Green Windbreaker, is Headed towards Gary


By Nicholas Stix

A raceless maniac has been terrorizing white residents and Hispanic construction workers in Chicagoland—rural Illinois and Indiana—asking them questions about honeybees before suddenly whipping out a .38 or .357 magnum revolver, and filling them with lead. So far, he’s killed one man and wounded two, leaving one of the latter in critical condition.

At 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, in the village of Beecher, Illinois, 3,077 souls, 96.9 percent white, in Will County, the man shot 45-year-old construction worker Rolando Alonso in the head, killing him, as Alonso was walking away from him. The killer then shot an unnamed, 19-year-old colleague of Alonso’s in the head and the gut. The 19-year-old is in critical condition.

The shooter then drove 15 miles southeast, across the state line into Lake County, Indiana, near bustling Lowell (8,474 residents, 95.3 percent white), where he shot 64-year-old bean farmer Keith Dahl three times in the shoulder and arm by the side of Dahl’s bean fields.

As locals quoted in the story note, in Beecher and Lowell, crime is typically non-existent. I wonder why.

“Manhunt continues for suspect in rural shootings,” by Steve Schmadeke, Joel Hood, Dennis Sullivan and Carlos Sadovi, Chicago Breaking News, October 6, 2010 7:57 A.M.

The story, by the Tribune Company’s Chicago Breaking News, refuses to disclose the police description of the shooter, or even the color of his Chevy pickup truck, but the four reporters and their editors felt safe in describing the killer as wearing a “green windbreaker.”

My reader-researcher AL, who sent me the CBN story, also wrote one of the reporters, Steve Schmadeke, trying to pry loose the essential information that Schmadeke and Co. (and TV station WIND, as well) were withholding. I guess I’ll have to change AL’s description from “reader-researcher” to “legman.”

With regard to the recent shootings as covered in your article:

"The gunman was last seen headed north on Cline Avenue toward Gary."

And the race of the man is? Your article does not mention this. Is that a coded reference? Headed toward Gary! We must read between the lines?

Schmadeke was polite enough to write back, yet his e-mail was unresponsive:
That’s just the direction the guy was last seen driving, police didn’t say where he went or where he’s from.
If you’re curious about what he apparently looks like, police have released a sketch:

AL refers to “coded references,” because failure to mention a criminal’s race is often a code for “black,” and saying that he is headed towards Gary suggests the same thing.

Gary, Indiana, founded in 1906 by U.S. Steel as a company town—Elbert Gary was the company’s founder—went black during the 1960s, and became one of America’s first diversitopias, with a Black Power mayor, Richard Hatcher and, at one point, achieved the ranking of America’s murder capital. It has still typically been rated as among America’s 10 most violent cities ever since, though it ranked only 11th on on Quitno’s 2009 list.

Since 2000, Gary’s population has fallen by 6.8 percent, from 102,746 to 95,707.

According to a different Census Bureau estimate, Gary’s population went down 17.6% between 2000 and 2008, to 84,236. It is 83.2% black, and only 12.3% white.

Forbes Magazine ranked Gary “39th among the largest 100 U.S. metropolitan areas on its list of Best Cities for Jobs in 2008.”

That would be the same magazine which ranks diversitopian Buffalo as one of the 10 best cities in America to raise a family. (See my article, “Saturday’s Mass Murder: “Stop Snitchin’” and Demographics Make Buffalo a Diversitopia!”.)

If the Honeybee Killer should turn out to be white and headed towards Gary, then we’ll know that he is truly insane.


Anonymous said...

According to the victims, he is white!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right... The victims all reported him as appearing to be Caucasian and I honestly must say that you missed the point completely. There's an uncaptured murderer randomly shooting unsuspecting victims and the police are trying to avoid the distribution of this info to the public possibly for a reason and instead on focusing on the important details you went on a rampage about Apparently your resentment towards blacks blinded you to the real danger out there. Smh

Sorry for being anonymous too... I don't have a google account but the name is Christina as the idea of being referred to as anonymous would irk me.

Nicholas Stix said...

Anon, that has not been published or broadcast. Thus, you are either a police official, a Chicagoland MSM journalist, or a liar. I'll play a hunch, and say, liar!

Nicholas Stix said...

Christina, the same thing I said to Anon applies to you.

"...I honestly must say that you missed the point completely.

What point might that be, besides capturing the killer?

"There's an uncaptured murderer randomly shooting unsuspecting victims and the police are trying to avoid the distribution of this info to the public possibly for a reason and instead on focusing on the important details you went on a rampage about"

The important details are what does the perp look like, and what color Chevy truck is he driving. There is no acceptable reason for withholding this information, which could lead to additional deaths, and you do not even know that it is the police who are withholding it. And you feel superior, to boot! That makes you a conceited, moronic, racist, liar!

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Usually when race is not mentioned the perpertrator is white.

Nicholas, you should get some help for your issues.

Nicholas Stix said...

Anon II,

See my comments to Anon I and Christina. They apply in spades to you.

If I knew your name, I'd now know better than to trust you to give me the correct time of day.

Stay courageous, LOL!

Lawful Neutral said...

Bravo NS! Good article, but even better is the way you handled the anonymous hecklers in the comments. I hope the next time someone comes at me with that combination of mendaciousness and self righteousness I respond half as well.