Sunday, June 20, 2021

Yep... It's the The Color of Crime: black males between 16-35 Years of Age are only 2.0% of the Population, Yet Commit 72% of the Street Crime in America

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Jun 19, 2021 10:13 p.m.

Yep... It's the The Color of Crime: black males between 16-35 Years of Age are only 2.0% of the Population, Yet Commit 72% of the Street Crime in America.

ATR: We need to make Juneteenth a yearlong celebration.

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Speaking of that 2%, a white man was shot to death in his car a couple years ago, the killer has been caught and his name is, I kid you not, Tyreik D. Credit.

The victims name was 48 yr. old Thomas Osborn and according to police he had been in some kind of dispute with a "group of people" before he was shot. What they meant to say was he got into a dispute with a group of black males and one of them pulled a gun and shot him. Apparently a gang of young black men can't handle one 48 yr. old white soy boy so need to pull a gun and kill him. I don't like to stereotype based on appearance but that Mr. Osborn looks like a member of the Woke crowd to me. He learned the hard way about the realities of "diversity".

Here is a photo of the mook that killed him:

Anonymous said...

Now a public service announcement.

Whazzup,all you crackas,my name is Mirderous Jackson Jones Thomas.I seen a few of y'all out today,trying to mingle with us black folk on Juneteenth day.We might have even smiled at youse,as we checked you out,walking in our territory.But I got one piece of advice for y'all--if you want to stay alive in da future--don't do that sheeet no more.

I'm telling you some straight dope right now:we want to mess you up--for no reason at all--cuz we's craaaazy.We want yo' car,yo' woman and yo' money--and we don't care whats we have to do to get it.

As I read on that damn NSU site,"2% of the population commits 72% of the crime."
Dat means,ifs you sees a nigro,the odds are..,you gonna be assaulted,raped,robbed or keeled by someone who looks just like me.The more often you sees one of us,the more likely your luck has done run out.

It could be in a store or park or down your street at the wrong time.I might be in a bad motha----ing mood--who knows?

So all I got to say is,best to avoid us damn nigros,if possible.

Happy Juneteenth y'all.

(This message is from the Association for the Prevention of Crime to White People).


Anonymous said...

Like Andy Rooney said decades ago: "if seventy percent of crime is committed by blacks I would expect seventy percent of the inmates in prison to be black."

Hard to reason with that although some might.

Anonymous said...


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Grand Rapids Police Department was called to a shooting that left one person dead and three others injured on the city’s southwest side early Sunday morning.

GRPD started receiving phone calls around 3:50 a.m. about a potential shooting in the area of Ellsworth and Goodrich Ave SW. After arriving on scene, police found a black car with three people inside that drove off the road and crashed into a building near the corner of Ellsworth and Goodrich just down the road from Founders Brewing Company.

One occupant in the vehicle was a man who was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds when they crashed into the building. Despite police officers’ efforts to save his life, he died on scene from his injuries.

The other two occupants were women who suffered minor injuries.

GRPD officers were also called to a crash in the area of Bridge Street and Scribner Avenue NW(GRA:My side of town.) All of the occupants are adults and received minor injuries from the crash. Police believe those in the vehicle may be involved in the shooting and detectives are continuing to investigate.

Separately from those two scenes, police say a person was dropped off at a local hospital with a gunshot wound some time after GRPD arrived. They were sent into surgery for their wounds and their condition is currently unknown.

GRA:Nigros can't drive with--or without bullets in them.


Anonymous said...

It just popped into my mind,but are we sure those census numbers are correct?I just went to a corner gas station and there were 5 blacks,between say,25 and 40,while I was the only White in there.

I don't believe the 13% total black population number either--I think all these statistics are undercounted intentionally.Then one day,they'll "revise" them and report 30% black,50% White and 20% Spicoli.There are too many thugs around to be only 2%.

GRA:Yes,lucky to get out of the gas station,no doubt--you never know when the nigs decide to get violent.


Anonymous said...

And the crimes they commit the most egregious. Most vicious for the least reason. Aggravated offenses and by repeat offenders.