Monday, June 21, 2021

blacks Celebrate Juneteenth in Chicago by Ambushing White Couple, Dragging Them Out of Their Car, and Shooting Them Both at Point-Blank Rnge, in the Middle of the Street; Husband Dies, While Wife is Critically Wounded

By Dvid in TN
Mon, Jun 21, 2021 9:29 p.m.

New York Post: Couple ambushed, shot outside their car in middle of Chicago street



Anonymous said...

Another one I missed--even listening to Chicago newsradio.
"Just bottle it up--we're not allowed by CBS to tell these kinds of stories."
"Which ones CAN we air?"
"The reverse of this one--White on black."
"But there AREN'T any."
"You're a racist and you're fired."

Anonymous said...

Correct. Negroes celebrating Juneteenth and Puerto Ricans Chicago celebrating Puerto Rican Day. Evidently there was a fender bender to set things off. Dragged from the car and executed. Evil. Brownie the police chief on the scene. So we are saved. Humboldt Park lots of rivalry, gang against gang, race versus race. Expect a lot of retaliation for this.


David In TN said...

The female victim, Jasmin Perez, has died. The shooter has supposedly been identified but no arrest at this moment.