Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How Millions of Americans are Dealing Today with the Fake Inauguration of a Fake President

By "W"
Tue, Jan 19, 2021 1:23 p.m.

Jan. 20: Taking a News Day off

I am taking tomorrow off from the news. Actually starting later today. I'm not going to read the Wall Street Journal tomorrow or Thursday. I'll just set them aside. I'm not going to listen to the 5-minute NPR news breaks on our classical FM station, which I may just turn off for the day. And I'm not going to check the news headlines I get in my e-mail. I haven't had cable TV since October, 1988, when the Atlanta Braves, then dubbed "America's Team," went 54-106 and I decided I didn't want to continue to pay monthly fees to watch bad baseball and the occasional adventure of Doctor Who, while subsidizing MTV and Black Entertainment Television. I won't visit any other news and opinion sites for a couple of days..

I don't want to hear or see Biden and Harris.

I'll catch up with the outside world on Friday.

What a hell of a start to the New Year....




Anonymous said...

I hear you,but I must be a partial masochist--I watch NNN almost every night--to hear what the enemy of America is saying.I could watch CBS or any number of stations or networks.

This morning I've watched the inauguration events on CBS and I cannot believe the cheerleading,brown-nosing and complete unbridled communist joy of O'Donnell,King and the rest of their crew as Kamala Harris was hailed as "someone,who other kids who look like her,can point at to say,'I can be just like her."

Well we don't need a country run by people like her or for her.We don't need those people at all,unless you prefer crime,ghettos and future attempted genocide.

Kamala Harris' personality is evident in two actions during her life:Prostituting herself with blackie Willie Brown to further her career(get "a head"),but then,she married a rich Whitey--to stay ahead.

She's a fraud--as Biden is--and this election.

The CBS crew prattled on about the "insurrection" by "mostly White Trump supporters who invaded the Capitol,two weeks ago today,"as O'Donnell said in her now out in the open,biased manner.

Major Garrett--a major in the Commie army,I guess--called Trump's charges of election fraud,"lie after lie after lie."

And that's what the enemy is saying on the day of,as they call it:"The Inauguration of Joseph R.Biden".

"R" as in Radical(he wasn't always)
"R" as in Retarded
"R" as in Rancid

It should be "R" as in Retired,if we had justice in our court systems,especially the Supreme Court--which had no interest in examining Pennsylvania,software or corrupt state election systems.

So we have "B" as in Biden.That's "B" as in Bullsh*t.


Anonymous said...

Just turn off the TV, don't watch. I am going to the lake to make a count of waterfowl.