Thursday, July 11, 2019

Will Another Court Vote to Strike Down Obamacare?

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Tulsi Gabbard Sympathizes With Justin Amash, Says the Two-Party System Sucks
"The outsized power that the political parties hold can often be used in the wrong way to squelch our democracy and dissenting voices even within our own parties," says Gabbard.
By Eric Boehm
A Justin Amash Presidential Run Will Disrupt Donald Trump and the Democratic Party Equally
The libertarian independent would easily pull the 80,000 Midwestern votes that made the difference in 2016.
By Nick Gillespie

Will Another Court Vote to Strike Down Obamacare?
It sure looks like it.
By Peter Suderman
Trump Administration Threatens Veto Over Defense Bill That Only Spends $733 Billion
The White House is asking Congress to spend $750 billion on the military this coming fiscal year.
By Christian Britschgi
Blame Wilbur Ross's Clumsy Lies for the Census Mess
The commerce secretary could easily have reinstated the citizenship question if he had been less transparently dishonest.
By Jacob Sullum
Judge Blocks DOJ's Attempt to Switch Lawyers in the Census Citizenship Question Case
The Justice Department's attempt to introduce an entirely new team of lawyers to work on the citizenship question case is rejected - correctly - by the SDNY.
By David Post
State Regulators Punish Doctor for Cutting a Pain Patient's Opioid Dose and Dropping Him After He Became Suicidal
The decision by the New Hampshire Board of Medicine suggests state officials are beginning to recognize the harm caused by the crackdown on pain pills.
By Jacob Sullum
Kirsten Gillibrand's Ann Taylor Feminism Is a Loser
The New York Democrat's brand of feminism has little appeal beyond a narrow band of white professional women.
By Shikha Dalmia
Two Lawsuits Argue That Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Blocking of Twitter Critics, Like Trump's, Violates the First Amendment
The New York congresswoman's use of Twitter seems similar to the president's in constitutionally relevant ways.
By Jacob Sullum
A Mural Quoting Donald Trump at His Most Profane Is Protected Speech, Judge Rules
New Orleans can't use zoning regulations to decide what counts as artistic expression.
By Scott Shackford
Government Bullies Want to Seize This Man's Home Because of Overgrown Grass
If governments can oppress, they usually will.
By John Stossel
'Killer' Walkman, 'Insane' Bicycles, and Novels Will Rot Your Brain: Pessimist Archive's Jason Feifer on 'Why We Resist New Things'
Jason Feifer's podcast explores "why we resist new things" and tells great stories about panics over the novel, the elevator, the waltz, margarine, and more.
By Nick Gillespie

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