Monday, July 29, 2019

The Fakestats Backstory: Non-White "Hispanics" Defined as "White" in Crime Statistics, 2

By Michael Kuehl
Sun, Jul 28, 2019 2:36 p.m.
Nonwhite "Hispanics" Defined as "White" in Crime Statistics, 2

Last night on Watter's World, in response to the claims of Rep. Omar on the violence of "radicalized" white men who are culpable for "most of the deaths in this country," and whom we should be more "fearful" of as opposed to Muslims, blacks, and "Hispanics," Jesse offered numbers that eviscerate her ludicrous contentions, whether fantasies induced by politics and ideology, based on emotions, or tactical lies in the service of Muslim and Somali tribalism and "identity politics."

He also noted that blacks commit 53% of murders and whites 44%. But, regrettably, he didn't mention that whites still outnumber blacks by almost 5 to 1, which is essential in disclosing and understanding the sensationally higher murder and crime rates of blacks. And that's only half the story.

So, according to these statistics, blacks and whites commit 97% of all murders with a "sprinkling of American Indians, Asians, and Pacific Islanders," to quote Jared Taylor in this week's podcast with Paul Kersey, committing only 3%? Once again, what about "Hispanics." over 90% of whom are nonwhite? Of the 44% of murders committed by "whites," what percentage and number were  committed by non-white "Hispanics": mestizos, pure Amerindians, blacks, mulattoes, zambos, all of whom are defined as "white" when they commit murders and other violent felonies. So the hideously sadistic murders committed by MS-13, hacking their victims to death with machetes, are attributed to whites under these bogus statistics, as are all murders and other felonies committed by nonwhite "Hispanics," gang-related and freelance. And so, too, with terrorism and other acts of violence, sexual and non-sexual, perpetrated by Muslims from North African and the Middle-East.

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Anonymous said...

Another soon to be fired whitey?He says everything with a smirk,so maybe he'll be spared for arguing with the "four women of color"(as has been repeated at least a million times on my TV).
I still have my doubts if blacks are only 13-15% of our population,It seems that whites are the 13%,judging from what passes for programming on the channels I'm bombarded with.