Thursday, July 25, 2019

If You Go to These Mooks for Food for Thought, You’ll Starve! Chow Down Instead at WEJB/NSU!


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David Brooks, left; David Frum, right.

Charles Krauthammer, left; Bill O'Reilly, right.

Thomas Friedman, left; Peggy Noonan, right.

John Podhoretz, left; Bill Kristol, right.

Jonah Goldberg, left; Michael Barone, right.

Linda Chavez, left; Dick Morris, right.

Leading “pundits” such as Charlie Kraut will give you writing that is low on truth quotient (TQ). They will tell you only partial or half-truths. But as the saying goes, A half-truth is a whole lie. Please support me, so that I can continue to give you the whole truth, to the best of my knowledge.

[Charlie Kraut died last year, but his writing is no higher in TQ.]

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Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

You can't press the comments icon on these stories unless you circumvent and go to the sidebar list.It's happened before--must be a technical issue,but it probably prevents some people from commenting.

Nicholas said...

Testing, testing.

I guess I'd better go to an external pc.

Anonymous said...

Brooks his son has gone to Israel to perform his military service. The son was not willing to wear the American military uniform but was willing to wear the Israeli military uniform.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Country club conditions at an ICE detention center? One of the ones that was investigated by Dems and found to be some kind of concentration camp?
You mean Occsional Cortex and her crew might lie about what they see at these facilities? Say it ain't so.

Anonymous said...

Any progress?

Anonymous said...

Looks like progress on this end--I can click comments now to get here.