Monday, July 29, 2019

Since Her Supermarket Chain Went under, is Julia Waldbaum Now Editing National Geographic?


As she used to look in some photographs on her canned goods (the only color picture I could find)

As she now looks. Her current look is much closer to the picture I saw thousands of times on canned goods, growing up in Long Beach, N.Y.

By Nicholas Stix

Has anyone ever seen Julia Waldbaum and Susan Goldberg in the same room together?

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Anonymous said...

You CAN have the best of both worlds--Waldbaum's supermarket AND Goldberg's Nat Geo--yes,it's Goldbaums Wholesale Food and Magazine Emporium,combining food shopping with pictures of black as night natives on our store walls.By merging together,the new Goldbaums will better serve a wider array of customers.There will be new features including recommended food dishes from overpopulated countries--here's one now--a dish called "Nairobi Trio Stew".
Not to be confused with Soylent Green--which is white people--"Nairobi Trio Stew" combines only the finest African natives with tender potatoes and veggies in a hearty gravy.Mmmm good**.Now available at the newly merged Goldbaums grocery chain OR you can fix it yourself at home by purchasing an issue of "Nat Geo--the recipes",also available at Goldbaums.
**not recommended for whites or other non-cannibalistic people.