Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Short History of U.S. Immigration Policies

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The following, 14,000-word monograph is by Wayne Lutton, who ought to be a household name, but who instead lives in the shadows.

I have taken the liberty of chopping Wayne’s monograph into smaller chunks, so as to make it more digestible for readers not used to “eating” monographs, and so I’ll get some hits out of the deal!

Immigration and Race in America
American Renaissance

Editor’s Note: Below is an abridged version of the first essay in the book, Race and the American Prospect. Though out of print for over a decade, American Renaissance has a small number of copies available for purchase. Readers interested in a copy of their own should send a check or money order for $17.95 to the AmRen headquarters: PO Box 527, Oakton, VA 22124.

Who Were the First Americans?

Proponents of “liberal” immigration policy often assert: “The only true Americans are ‘Native Americans’ [a.k.a. Indians]. . . the rest of us are immigrants, or the descendants of immigrants.” This view proposes that “America” is simply a piece of land. Even if this were so, it would be difficult to see why Indians have any better claim than later arrivals. American Indians are, after all, themselves the descendants of wanderers who came from Asia. Given the current popularity of hyphenated labels, it would be proper to call them not “Native Americans,” since Asians are not native to North America, but rather “Siberian-Americans.”

But I will argue here that “America” is not a mere geographic expression for a continent located between Asia on the west and Europe and Africa on the east. America was not found ready-made, waiting for habitation by the Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower. Rather, the Pilgrim Fathers and other, overwhelmingly British, colonists, who were the forerunners of a new people and a new nation, brought what became America to this land.


Anonymous said...

My quick take:America was a political and religious movement by like-minded white individuals/groups.The goal in the mid to late 1700s was building a country from scratch,combining philosophies of the time,in the quest of,"life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness"--for THE WHITE PEOPLE WHO BEGAN THE UNITED STATES.
The rot began when non-whites started to make appearances on our soil and as their population increased,the country that WAS America,became the country that USED TO BE America.
These changes occurred locally at first and mostly unrecognized.Population changes slowly sneak up on us--until it's too late.Just as now,where the Somalis have invaded Minnesota and Arabs(with Tlaib representing them)have overwhelmed Dearborn in SE Michigan--it started with miniscule numbers.The negro population in southern states congregated in small,concentrated sections before rapid reproduction rates caused blacks to spread out like cockroaches.This pattern is seen today on a lesser scale,but no less destructive one,in our neighborhoods that were formerly 100% white,but have been eaten away by a steady influx of minorities(every Spring it seems).The pattern is also seen on a larger scale.Entire cities--instead of streets-- are devoured and spit out by blacks and Mex,who then continue their invasion into other white strongholds.
This is where we're at now--a crossroads.Whites either take their country back or become a historical footnote (if that)like the dinosaurs have become.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Correct. Americans as defined citizens of the USA. American Indians as members of their tribe. No American prior to the arrival of the white man. American Indians now citizens of the USA and their tribe. Have a legal status unique in the entire world.