Monday, July 29, 2019

American and His Mexican Mistress Murdered in Mexico; Man was a Bigamist, but Media Lied about It; How Much Else Did They Lie about?

By A Texas Reader
Mon, Jul 29, 2019 9:13 a.m.

"Vasquez was Nielsen's second wife [sic], and they had a faith-based [sic] marriage. Since the marriage was not legally recognized [?!], immigration was not an option, and Nielsen split his time between his wife and family in Utah and his second wife and family in Mexico,

N.S.: Caption: "U.S. citizen Paul Nielsen and his wife were killed in Mexico"

She wasn't his wife; his wife, now widow, was back in Utah.

The whole story is fishy.

Postscript: Was this guy set up, with the mistress collateral damage? Or was somebody (whether in Utah, or Mexico) angry at both of them?


Bigamist-murder victim, Paul Nielsen

"American & wife [sic] killed, 12-year-old son injured while vacationing in Mexico" - KVIA

A Utah family says their father and his wife [sic] were killed by armed assailants while vacationing in Mexico with their [sic] 12-year-old son.

ATR: Lots of Scandinavians in Utah.

Lots of them are Mormons.

Was the decedent a member of the LDS Church?

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