Thursday, July 11, 2019

Numbers and Will: What It Would Take to Save America

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

If there was any political will to save the country, i.e., we had a president who was not a mere figurehead, he would have instituted national mandatory e-verify to shut off the jobs spigot, nationwide workplace raids, raids at court houses and other places where illegal human beings congregate, Draconian prosecutions of criminal employers, eliminated anchor baby birthright citizenship, and prosecuted illegals for tax evasion, EITC fraud, etc. He would have also prosecuted local and state officials for felonies against U.S. immigration law.

In such a scenario, most illegals would self-deport.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Trump is gunshy,thinking all those orders would wind up in liberal 9th District court--and shot down.Maybe these are all "threats" meant to be verbalized and not carried out--because Trump knows the courts are all against him.Maybe by not taking action,Trump thinks he can still talk tough in campaign speeches,though he knows he has no real power with immigration.Maybe the ACLU runs the country.

Anonymous said...

Pareto efficiencies are the bane of the concepts of Free Market Capitalism. The ideas that markets magically clear because all players will cooperate in the great game of life. Well.... Pareto found that markets will not clear is significant players don't wish to participate. In our own situation, but the time all the necessary sources of power are bought off, nothing really changes. Which the driving principle of revolutions, to flush the non-participants that nonetheless restrict needed change. Since democrapcy has a tendency to entrench and empower individuals and groups that have little or no desire to benefit the general whole, we continue to note what Pareto a long time ago. In our case, to save America requires a counter revolution to removed the rot that has enveloped the political class. We has long passed the point in history that the luxury of a parasitical class of lawyers can hope to govern an increasingly technical welt. The US has long been able to suffer fools, but not any longer. The Chinese are outpacing us now, and Russia has learned their lesson. It's time to replace the lawyers with professionals that understand the current realities and have the IQs to deal with the changes needed. The liberal arts major with connections can no longer be allowed to run the country into the ground.

Anonymous said...

That first bunch of 2,000 are those that already have had their cases adjudicated and found to be lacking. Ordered to leave and immediately but have not done so. 2,000 of about 2 million.

And Nicholas is right. Repeat that figure of 2,000 one-thousand times over and you have just gotten rid of those that should have been gone a long time ago.