Tuesday, December 18, 2018

More Notorious Racists Hunt for Tucker Carlson

By Nicholas Stix

The truth must be boycotted; patriotic, normal, white men must be boycotted...


Anonymous said...

YEP. No respite no matter what. Double down Tucker and never give up. Triple or quadruple down if needed, infinitum.

Anonymous said...

Two wrongs don't make a right,but
One Reich makes many wrongs.


Anonymous said...

I bitched for most of the year about FOXNews going black,about Tucker Carlson,Hannity and Ingraham not having the nads to stick with a POV that gets attacked.Two weeks ago,I cancelled FOX(and the rest of the commie news channels that are part of the tier programming).I couldn't watch it anymore.Hannity's prison reform crap (a government study said the current proposal would free 54,000 thugs from prison in 2019),the surge in black guests appearing and the lack of courage from all these anchors (yes,they want to keep their jobs),all contributed to my decision.
Carlson SHOULD double down,as an article I read on it reported.Whether he withers from advertisers now or in two weeks is a moot point.He will or FOX will.Guaranteed.
Censorship of whites--BY WHITE CEOs continues.I hope Tucker Carlson and FOX find a way to solve the advertiser problems,but frankly,I don't care what FOX does anymore--as Augie Donatelli once said--"YOU'RE OUT!!!
--GR Anonymous