Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Evil Media Want to Help Cause the Deaths of Ever More White Women; Help WEJB/NSU Fight Them!

Not enforcing laws and rules on blacks makes life miserable for whites, because they must follow the rules and laws which blacks violate with impunity. But as James Fulford and Ann Coulter have recently reminded us, not enforcing those rules and laws can have deadly consequences.

In 2008, a Little Rock businesswoman didn’t call the police on Curtis Lavelle Vance for indecent exposure and repeated trespassing. Vance went on to savagely rape and murder Anne Pressly.

Lot of that going around. Ann Coulter calls it the “Dead Becky” phenomenon: White women who get murdered because other whites were afraid they’d be destroyed by the evil media, if they called the police on suspicious black males. And make no mistake: The media want those white women murdered.

When Vance raped and murdered Pressly with such brutality that the victim’s own mother could not recognize her daughter’s face, the New York Times positively gloated about it.

"The beating [sic] startled much of the state and horrified Ms. Pressly's neighbors in the prestigious Pulaski Heights neighborhood, an enclave of old houses, and where residents considered themselves essentially exempt from violent crime." [Arrest in Killing of a TV Anchor, by The New York Times, November 27, 2008.]
White women are trained to avoid offending the sensibilities of black male felons. And so in 2009, legendary Atlanta cancer researcher Jeanne Calle, 57, let a very suspicious Jamal aka Shamal Thompson, 22, come unescorted with her, purportedly to look at her condo with an eye to buying it. Minutes later, he beat her to death. Thompson had never done time, despite being a career criminal with multiple felony convictions.

In 2011, Allied Barton Security and Atlanta’s Proscenium Building’s owners did nothing about a black security guard named Nkosi Thandiwe, after he exploded in a hysterically, violently racist episode against a white delivery man. One month later, Thandiwe murdered white Brittney Watts, 26, who worked in the same building, and shot two other white and white-enough women, leaving one wheelchair-bound for life.

The above passage was an outtake from my newest VDARE report, on the War on White Women. (I went way over my word limit.)

I’ve been writing on America’s one-sided race war since 1990, both in MSM publications and my magazine, A Different Drummer.

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Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

What do you get when 4 "historians" are brought together on a CBS news show?
--Whatever it is,it ain't history.
"Face the Nation" host Margaret Brennan cheerfully promoted,"a CBS tradition will be renewed on today's program."
Goodwin,Baker,Lepore and Beschloss were our "historians" promIsed to us.Make the correct job title,"propagandians"--as plenty of opinion about race,women and Trump were thrown out for ingestion(and indigestion).
Goodwin is a noted Trump hater and liberal.Anyone who can quote the "Founding Fathers" phrase,"All men are created equal" and then twist these 4 words by asserting that blacks and other minorities are "just as important as white men in our history",disqualifies herself from being called "a historian".
The repeated convoluted utterance,that those who wrote the Constitution,had blacks in mind when they wrote the phrase,is laughable.This was obviously meant to be interpreted as,"All WHITE men are created equal"--blacks were not given the status of being a person for decades--and only then for political reasons.
Jill Lepore continued the theme by claiming "many groups contributed to our country's history.You only get an all white history if you fail to bring up important minority contributions."
Like,our downfall as a country?
She also asserted that (white)women were behind the black civil rights movement,because women themselves felt oppressed.
The two men,one of whom wrote a book on impeachment,
nodded their heads dutifully.White men--especially educated white men--had better not disagree with women or minorities,if they know what's good for them.
History is meant to be objective--as the current news is supposed to be reported objectively as well.When historians decide to revise history--based on politics--it becomes propaganda,and the next step of deleting and destroying(white) history,can't be too far away.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Coal burners too. Sometimes also called mudsharks. Bottom feeders. White women that take up with black men. Lots eventually killed by the "boyfriend". Quite more common that people want to realize.