Sunday, December 23, 2018

Did You Know that Nazi Germany Had a Wall Called the Berlin Wall? Read My Doctoral Dissertation and Postdoctoral Research in Talib Kweli Greene Studies

By Nicholas Stix

This mook sounds like a tenured, award-winning professor of black studies.

Talib Kweli Greene‏Verified account @TalibKweli
Talib Kweli Greene Retweeted Jeff Felt
So, you’re unaware of the fact that nazi Germany had a wall called the Berlin Wall that was torn down in 1991 in order to foster humanity and diversity? Walls didn’t work for Nazis so why build them here? Build bridges not walls Nazi lover. @thefeltyperro @jabbawa78

What "fact"? There were no facts in your comment. Every single thing you said was false. I'd call you a liar, but you'd need more information, before you could graduate to liar status.

In case you’re wondering about this mook, after doing a doctorate in Talib Kweli Greene Studies, for which the requirement was reading a single tweet of his, in response to a single tweet from a white, I conducted postdoctoral research in TKG Studies, for which the requirement was reading one more such exchange:

seph_O @seph_O
Replying to @blaknarcissus and 5 others
Perhaps you just THINK you are being followed. Or maybe peple steal from the store too much? Maybe you're just a terrible driver..

You see how things may seem racist but they may not be? I understand the opposite can be true but I'm just throwing some perspective in there.
12:55 PM - Dec 23, 2018

Talib Kweli Greene
✔ @TalibKweli

So to recap, Black ppl who speak on every day racism are liars, black ppl steal too much, and this is according to a white guy who will never be black has never been black and insists he’s not racist. Accurate? @seph_o @thegistofitis @mchicon

N.S.: I see that I must revise a previous scholarly judgment on Talib Kweli Greene. He is most certainly a liar, in matters of race, for “Black [sic] ppl who speak on every day racism” are indubitably liars, as is anyone who defends their lies.

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