Saturday, December 22, 2018

Criminals are Living in Churches to Escape Deportation

By Reader-Researcher R.C.
Sat, Dec 22, 2018 11:21 p.m.

They're living in churches to escape deportation.

They're living in churches to escape deportation - CNN

After Samuel Oliver-Bruno's arrest, other undocumented [sic] immigrants [sic] living in sanctuary churches in North Carolina face a haunting question this Christmas: Will I be next?

R.C.: I guess their prayers are not being answered.

N.S.: There is no American legal basis to the notion whereby criminals may flout the law within the walls of a church, but the authorities, by refusing to enforce the law, are creating a squatter's right.


Anonymous said...

So first the liberal cause demonizes Christianity. Hillary Clinton makes the statement that Christians will have to give up Jesus. Christians are called bigot and racists and pedophiles and now, NOW they talk of the poor immegrants rip from saftey of the soft and caring Christian Church, against the age old principles of sanctuary ( which is out of favor with these neo-new, everything progressive liberals) and they want to change the way we think about this situation.
Liberals like to act, but they don't like the reaction when to go wrong for them. Its OK for everyone else, but not for them or their causes. ITS TIME FOR THESE PEOPLE TO GROW UP AND START THINKING AHEAD, WITH THEIR HEAD, INSTEAD OF REACTING TO WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING. Thats not in caps to yell at you. Its in caps to get your attention. Grow up, and grow a set. Start thinking things through and don't let anyone else do your thinking for you. When others do your thinking, they diminish you and control you. Start thinking about how what you say affects the whole country, not just your little group. Democrats recruit people into their cause. Republicans seek the conservative life. Ever wonder why. If I have to convince you that your wrong and I am always right the you should beware. Thats how liberals recruit. Then they convince you that all they say is right. I have never had a republican try to convince me on how to think or how to vote. Its your future, try thinking it through, not just for you, but for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Those aren't really churches as we understand the word church to mean. And the persons inside and illegals as was Elvira in Chicago. Elvira was finally deported but I read is back in the states now.

Nicholas said...

Socialists and communists believe in nothing.