Monday, December 31, 2018

Report from New Jersey: Racist Black Insouciance and Casual, Entitled Thievery

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The following exchange, at, was in response to my newest VDARE report, “2018: When the War on ‘Beckys’—White Women—Got Serious.”

@Colin Wright

The group average for black behavior is subnormal in just about every respect, and always has been.

One way or another, others have always adjusted how they treat blacks accordingly. That will continue to be the case no matter what the media preaches.

TKK says:
December 30, 2018 at 3:13 pm GMT • 300 Words

I was at Jersey Mike’s Subs. A cocky, thugged-out young black man pulls up and parks in the fire lane, saunters in and places his order, while simultaneously shouting on the cell phone.

The two Beckys behind the counter, one grotesquely obese, waited on him as if he was royalty.

My 75-year-old mother and I (I am a White Female) then watched him go out to his car, get a generic plastic cup the size of a small Igloo cooler , stroll back in and fill to the top.

He did this after he paid for the subs.

I walked over with my cup (Drink Dictator Dottie?) and asked: “Can we get my money back for our drinks? I want free drinks, too.”

I was calm. Actually- I was serious.

The sweat hog behind the counter got snarky and combative fast. She growled-Mayo glistening on her chin,

“He paid! He paid!”

The smaller, less repellent employee just looked down.

The black man stopped at the door with his gallon of free DRANK and said, “Girl you better mind yo business before I slap ya stupid.”

Being a hothead and already pissed off-I said-“Bring it, you punk a** b*tch f*ck boy.”

So not classy. So not lady-like.

I also had my CCW permit and a Sig Sauer in my Birkin bag.

This is a pathetic story. My mother was distraught . I could have gone to prison over a soft drink. Or been killed.

But his insouciance… his casual entitled thievery and f*ck you arrogance made me realize-I need to move somewhere very, very cold.


Anonymous said...

Easier and cheaper to give them whatever they want and let them go their merry way. The chances of violence, law suit, even death too great. Just give them what they want.

Anonymous said...

If he attacked it sounds like it would have been a good shoot--self defense after a threat of bodily harm. But I suppose it depends on the city and state--just how much BLACK PRIVILEGE exists in that locality. In some states you do not need to retreat from a threatening thug.