Friday, December 28, 2018

Twitter Racist Lies, and then Comes Back with the Usual Response

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"Legislation he wrote caused a generation of black and brown people to lose their freedom for things white people do all the time." Like what? …

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11:32 PM - 26 Dec 2018

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The liar in question responded by blocking me.
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Forty-eight hours later, I'm still waiting for examples.

The liar goes as Charlie Wilde (


Anonymous said...

You mean,like,WORK?Lol.That's something white people do--that black and brown people aren't interested in doing--though they have the freedom (just not the intelligence or the will).
Porches are a much better place to spend your waking hours if you're black.

Anonymous said...

They are talking about the sentencing guidelines for crack possession and distribution. The NEGRO COMMUNITY itself insisted on such legislation and go it. Much to their dismay then they found the law being applied to them and they did not like it??