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No Ladders: Israeli Mayor: Wall Cut Illegal Immigration to Zero

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Sun, Dec 23, 2018 11:28 p.m.
Israeli mayor: Wall cut illegal immigration to zero

 DAVID RUBIN [former mayor, Shiloh Israel on Tucker Carlson, Dec. 12, 2018]:  "Between 2010 and 2012 there were 55,000 illegal immigrants into Israel . . . Israel is a tiny country, so 55,000 illegal immigrants in just a couple of years is a lot of illegal immigrants.  Most of them settled in southern Tel Aviv, which was already a working-class or a little bit run-down area.  The rapes and murders in southern Tel Aviv skyrocketed in those few years.  The Israeli government under pressure — from the grass-roots mainly, grass-roots protests from the residents of South Tel Aviv and other towns that were being overrun by these illegal immigrants — the Israeli government made a decision, that they were going to build a wall, a high-tech steel wall on the southern border, the border between Egypt and Israel.  

"So it was built over the next few years.  It was completed, almost completed by 2015.  In 2016 the wall was up.  In 2016 there were eleven illegal immigrants who entered Israel.   Then they raised the height of the wall an additional several feet.  And in 2017 there was not one illegal immigrant that made it through the southern border into Israel.  So it works."

CARLSON:   ". . . So I'm just wondering the political part of this. So the 55,000 illegal immigrants you're describing were from Africa as I remember — Eritrea, Sudan, parts of Africa.  Was there anybody in Israel who said that you're racist for trying to keep them out?"

RUBIN: "There was some of that.  Yes.  Some of the people on the Left were going crazy and having protests . . . They were complaining that's a racist thing . . . . But the fact is that now, nobody is complaining.  Everyone is happy that we don't have illegal immigration to Israel."
("Israeli Mayor: Border Wall With Egypt Eliminated Illegal Immigration in 2 Years," Dec 12, 2018)

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