Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Another Yahoo Ritual Beheading Video of a Patriotic, White American: "Man Harasses Department Store Employee for Speaking Arabic: 'Go back to where you came from'

By A Texas Reader
Wed, Dec 26, 2018 5:48 p.m.

Man harasses department store employee for speaking Arabic: 'Go back to where you came from'

A man lambasted a department store employee for speaking Arabic, saying Arabs should "go back to where they came from." "I really walked into a Twitter video IRL today," tweeted a man ...
ATR: This is strange.

There are no Americans left here in Dallas.

So, why is this guy upset?

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Anonymous said...

I watched most of the video. I agree with him- send her back. Macy's didn't want to hire white people. I worked there for a very very brief period, my supervisor could barely speak English and could not write English.

Typical gang up on white person time. The heavily accented woman who comes to the aid of the alleged victim, the threatening large black male taking the opportunity to step in a be the total dick that he is. They are bullying and ganging up on a customer. The white customers mistake was in attempting to reason with unreasonable people. Those two wanted an altercation and were doing their best, along with the person filming to create one, to put YT in his place. I would have asked the person filming for their card so I could get a copy of the video and probably would have filmed them too. Just for the hell of it. I would have told them where to put their purse and their box. The worker did not want to give him a box. Was it because she thought he's Jewish and therefor beneath her? I have worked with Muslims and let me tell you, they took every opportunity to one up, harass and act like total assholes.

I'm not sure what happened at the end but this is a lesson to stop spending money at Macy's since this is an example of how they treat a paying customer. They let other customers harass and menace him. How does anyone know who those self appointed vigilantes really are? Were they spending money in the store or just browsing to fight with a White Person?

In America you are innocent until proven guilty but if you are white according to this scum, you are already guilty of something.

I see a lot of these videos demeaning white people, but not so much about the real violence that blacks commit, murder, rape, assault.