Friday, September 22, 2017

The Charlottesville Nightmare: Part I of the VDARE Interview of Unite the Right Demonstration Organizer, Jason Kessler

NS: I’m calling about Charlottesville.

JK: Uh-huh.

N.S.; I want to find out what went wrong at the demonstration.

Well, I mean, it’s all in my youtube videos, on my Website,

But we just got screwed over by the police, and the city government, and the governor of Virginia.

We had a security plan that we worked on for two months, and that included a police escort to the event. We were supposed to have police guarding the entrances to the park. We were supposed to have 180 police in the back of the park, guarding it from attack, and evacuating our [unclear] to safety after the event. Also you had cops in front of the venue, keeping the counter-demonstrators separate from the demonstrators, so that there wouldn’t be any fight [?].

And none of that happened. The Charlottesville Police didn’t show up in the morning. When we arrived at the venue, there were Antifa and Black Lives Matter [unclear] … punching, …. beating, and spraying mace, canisters of gas at our attendees, and into the park.

The state police stood by, and did nothing.

When we got crammed up against pens, they wouldn’t allow our speakers and VIPs into the speaking area. They had false information about our permit, even. They thought our permit didn’t start ‘til 12, it actually started at 10 a.m. [The authorities surely knew the correct tie, but merely acted as if they didn’t.] And then, finally, the Charlottesville police showed up, an hour-and-a-half into the permit, and declared, “Unlawful assembly,” and pushed us out into a crowd of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and that’s when a lot of the worst violence [unclear].

NS: How did you get involved in this, to begin with?

JK: What do you mean?

NS: In organizing this demonstration.

JK: Well, because the Alt-Right had evidently been paying attention to some of the reporting I’d done for outlets like Daily Caller and VDARE about this monuments issue in Charlottesville. They decided to do their demonstration on May 13th.

And after that, my friends and I were constantly harassed by roving mobs of leftwing “agitators,” I guess you’d say. They were with groups like “SURJ Show Up for Racial Justice.” And they’d post things online telling people please harass us, “these Nazis,” telling people to deny us service. So they did that with people who weren’t even at the demonstration on May 13th.

NS: Which demonstration was on May 13th? [It’s hard to keep all of these demonstrations straight!]

JS: The tiki-torch rally that the Alt-Right did, in front of the Lee Monument.

N.S.: But how did you get involved in these activities to begin with, this movement? [My repeated question was motivated by my understanding that Kessler had been involved in the Occupy movement. Thus, the pieces of the jigsaw still didn’t fit.]

JK: Oh, I was just going around and reporting, and meeting people through, you know, doing the journalism, going to having a lot of contacts, and then after the Alt-Right came in to their demonstration, in my home town, it was just, you know, these Communists laid siege to everybody to … the right of Karl Marx, you know.

They were getting people fired from their jobs, not people who’d even been at that rally, but just normal Trump supporters, harassing us, mobs of hundreds of people, where we’d just go out to eat or have a drink.

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The police do what they are told to do by the brass. Bottom Line. You were screwed from the top.