Friday, September 22, 2017

Doing Everything by the Book: The Jason Kessler VDARE Interview, Part V

VDARE: So, your whole thing was, defending these statues, to keep them from…

JK: I mean I had three things. I had a really good description of it, up on the Facebook page, before they took it down.

VDARE: I can’t access Facebook, anyway. I’ve been knocked off of Facebook around five months ago. I was knocked off Twitter, but I’m able to access it again, without being able to post. That was over six months ago (chuckle). These guys are—not just the ones who hate you—but the people running Facebook, and Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey at Twitter, they’re very aggressive, too. [Cheuckle.] And they also like to knock off rivals. Not that I’m much competition for them. Or was… but I was growing.

Were you involved in the Friday night thing [August 11], also?

JK: Yes.

VDARE: So, the 8/11, you organized that, too.

JK: I mean that was, we had a lot more organization going toward the 8/12 thing, but that one just happened. With 8/11, we were telling people there’s the people we might do a march for us. For us, it was a civil rights march.

We wanted to do it legally, and safely.

Actually, the guy who got arrested, Chris Cantwell, he suggested, “Look, you need to tell the cops, and make sure that they’re in on it, so they can keep the peace.

He did everything by the book.

At his suggestion on Friday night, I called both the Charlottesville and the UVa police department. I talked to a [UVA PD] Lt. [Angela] Tabler, and I told her what we were going to do, that we were going to march from “Nameless Field,” that’s where we had our rally point, and we were going to march to the Thomas Jefferson statue.

We knew that it’s not just about the Confederate monuments, they’re going to go after Jackson and Washington. There’re all these other people next.

We went to march to Jefferson, to show our support for him.

And the carrying of the torches is like a funeral procession, for the fallen dead of our European ancestors.

You know, like, there’s lots of people who’ve done Viking funeral processions, where they carry the dead to the water, put them in a boat, set the boat on fire, and cast it out to sea. That’s the kind of thing we were doing, and it’s been so mischaracterized, it’s like these critics, they can’t decide whether it’s a KKK march, or a Nazi march. They’re like, “Oh, it’s this, and it’s this,” so why not both?

That was never my intention.

So, yeah, that’s the way that it was. That was just a sort of a quickly strung-together thing. We told people, “Go ahead and bring your torches, in case we decide to do it,” and we did it.

VDARE: Now, regarding the torchlight parade, Tiki-whatever, now some of those guys were shouting, “Blood and soil,” and there was another phrase they were shouting also. They were Nazi phrases. I mean, “Blood and soil” is older than the Nazis, but these guys just know it, because it was a Nazi phrase. So, what’s your take on that?

JK: Well, we had a big tent in the Alt-Right. We didn’t try and… we didn’t vet all the people who were coming. We invited a lot of people, and there’s people who come for different reasons. And some of the people within the Alt-Right community, they’re really used to this Edge Lord humor. And I think some people are frustrated by the historical inaccuracies surrounding World War II, which are really written by the victors, let’s say. And there’s an enormous amount of propaganda around it, so some people take the opposite effect of that and they idealize what happened in World War II on the German side, and I think that the truth is perhaps somewhere in-between.

But not everybody was shouting those slogans. There were some people who were shouting, “You will not replace us!” And then, when we were chanting, “You will not replace us!,” a few people started chanting, “Jews will not replace us!”

And even though I think that that kind of chant is not the right kind of thing for this movement, and I think that it was kind of rude, I think that there is [unclear]. I understand why these young men are frustrated by the [unclear] of the media to accurately portray some of this stuff that’s going on, with the Jews, and their elite position, within the halls of power. I mean, they’re so disproportionately represented, it’s 2% of the population, They have three out of seven Supreme Court justices. You know, I mean, you look at Trump’s cabinet, and it’s becoming more Jewish by the day. It’s like, they had, at least we had Bannon and Gorka, and some of these people, and after Charlottesville, it’s like they had a Night of the Long Knives, for all of these populist-nationalist guys that Trump supporters like. It’s left over, you know, like Steve Mnuchin, the what is this, the Secretary of Commerce, Gary Cohn, who is the national economic adviser. And these guys are so anti-Trump, really, in their philosophy that they are backing ANTIFA.

Gary Cohn said something to the effect that—you can find it on my Web site, the exact quote—but that these ANTIFA are just patriots, and fighting for equality. And these people are brutally assaulting Trump supporters in the streets.

So, this is the kind of thing that people are frustrated about, that you have these very powerful Jews who obviously have an axe to grind, and are obviously being very nepotistic and have some kind of club that’s allowing them to control the Federal Reserve, and these kinds of things for decades and decades, and no one calls them on it.

There’s another aspect to this—is a hard lesson that I’ve learned from this thing, is that I think… What I was trying to do was a civil rights demonstration for white people. And just trying to do a civil rights demonstration for white people means that you’re going to be attacked, slandered, thrown under the bus.

All these organizations that are funded by people like Soros, you’re going to have the ADL and the SPLC coming after you, and ultimately the victories that are won in a civil rights movement are won by attorneys in court. That’s what happened with—I mean, Martin Luther King wouldn’t have been anything without all the Jewish attorneys and Jewish money that was allowing him to stick it to people like Bull Conner, who had him arrested, when he tried to do a march in Birmingham, er, speak in Birmingham.

Yet, when my people get screwed over, we were screwed over. We had a permit, which was enforced by a federal judge’s ruling, and they still didn’t allow us to have our march. The police stood down, did not protect us, and where are the attorneys coming to our side, where’s the media coming to our side? There’s nobody. So, we are really screwed as a group if we can’t have our own civil rights movement.

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Anonymous said...

The first 4 parts of the interview,I was not impressed with Kessler's responses.Part 5 got more specific,which was welcome.White people are not organized to fight for their rights,in the same professional way as liberals--except during the election.But
as with Brexit,the election victory has been watered down to a large degree by globalists--which probably includes Goldman Sachs types.
For Trump to make a difference,instead of being a one hit wonder--like Scott McKenzie's "San Francisco "--he has to try to create a new "Trump" party BEFORE the next election,with candidates that agree with his campaign promises and preferred policy (a wall,tax cuts,stoppage of Arab immigration etc).They would replace the anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats locally and could be counted on to vote for Trump's plans in a second administration..He needs to think big.It's the only way to truly "drain the swamp."
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Kessler's rally did incalculable damage, all because he wasn't wise enough to realize that you don't invite, well, "Swastika people" to march with you - ever. It doesn't just look bad, it is bad. If the neo-Nazis' goal is to save white America, they're doing a suspiciously piss poor job of doing it.

And if they think left-wing Jews and their activities ought to be subject to open and fair (and informed) criticism, they should realize that it won't ever happen as long as there are people out there willing to carry the flag of a regime that senselessly killed tens of millions of people.

I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...


(FOX NEWS)President Trump railed against National Football League players who have knelt during the national anthem.
Trump said that he and Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.), who he was stumping for in Huntsville, are "unified" by "great American values."
"We're proud of our country and we're proud of our flag," he said.
He said players who disrespect the flag and kneel for the national anthem should be ejected from the stadium and cut from the team.
"Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say 'get that son of a b**** off the field right now - he's fired,'" Trump said.
GRA:This will get it all going big time on MSNBC."Trump's picking on the blacks."
I can hear it now.
"He's a racist."
But unbelievably, a white Oakland A's player kneeled to support the blacks.So Trump can say,"He's included--therefore not racist."
Next,the owners have to decide what kind of players they want and whether it should be standard behavior to stand for
the anthem--especially since they pull in a few million a year.
The war on this is just starting.
--GR Anonymous

jeigheff said...

I saw an old buddy a couple nights ago; we shared a meal at a local restaurant.

My friend brought up the subject of Charlottesville. He said he was sickened by both sides' apparent willingness to fight. But if he had to choose, he said he'd stand with the Antifa because he hates Nazis, Klansmen, and skinheads.

Although I didn't really want to argue with a friend over supper, I told him that I've seen the Antifa crowd here in Austin and they're not very nice people, to put it politely. Besides their crazy political stance, they've also harassed at least one local business owner. I also told him that the media has done its best to smear the white non-leftists at Charlottesvile as being composed completely of Nazis, etc., which is not true.

I don't know if anything I said to my friend sunk in. At least I had the chance to say something to someone who might have had his opinion set in stone before we spoke.

By the way, according to a Internet news article, Antifa staged kind of small "anti-white supremacy" event here in Austin, Texas yesterday, September 23. In the article's photos, the creeps all wore hid their identities with fabric wrapped around their heads. At least two carried red communist flags with hammers and sickles. The article stated that two people were arrested at this event, but gave no details.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The German Rachel Dolezal: A freakshow named Martina Big gets surgery and takes chemicals to turn her skin black;
She now identifies as "a black woman". Unlike Dolezal she doesn't appear to have a political agenda or an axe to grind against white men (her husband looks caucasian), it's seems to be some kind of body image disorder but why being black makes her feel better is a mystery. Probably media programming at work. She also has gotten injections to have those enormous balloons on her chest which make her look like a porn star, though she doesn't have sex on camera for a living. If you look at before pictures she was a moderately attractive woman when she was white but is hideous black. The link I sent is to a Maury Povich interview, a little bit of a departure from the negro baby mama daddy drama he specializes in but still related.

Anonymous said...
I have seen the future and it is negro. At least the Star Trek future. Anybody catch the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery? I had a bad feeling about it and all my fears were verified by the first episode (there are more characters to be introduced though). First tip off was that the lead character is Sonequa Martin Green, a black female actress from the Walking Dead. The Captain of the ship is an asian woman and the science officer is a weird looking alien guy. A hetero white male (assuming they don't make him gay) didn't appear until the 6th or 7th character and one in a position of authority didn't appear until nearly the end of the show. The Klingons appeared to be all negroe's in makeup. Is that supposed to be symbolic of something? They were rather brutish and kind of apelike, maybe somebody should accuse Star Trek of racism.

I am a big fan of the original series, it had it's warts and did set in motion some elements of the PC agenda in the entertainment but at it's best it set the standard for science fiction writing on television. I don't believe Roddenberry originally intended for white males to be marginalized in the way they have been, his original intent was to give women and minorities equal status and opportunity. Perfectly reasonable to do and I don't object to that but his vision has been hijacked by racists and self hating whites.

The original Star Trek considered equality something you earned by merit, as the series evolved, minority characters (particularly negroes) are added simply because they are black. Every iteration of the series pushed whites more into the background and blacks to the forefront. Now the evolution is near complete, the next step is the complete elimination of whiteness. Few will complain and if they do they will be considered racists. After all, according to racist blacks and whites, negroes are the reason we are in space anyways, just watch the movie: "Hidden Figures" It'll tell you all about it.

The lead writers are:

Bryan Fuller, a homosexual "writer" with credits from Star Trel DS9 and Voyage and junk like Hannibal and Heroes.

Alex Kurtzman, a Jewish "writer" who also has a spotty record with Transformers, The Mummy and mostly a lot of other fluff.

It's obvious these are mediocre talents at best and the kind of writers nowadays that make certain the PC agenda is prioritized rather than actual entertainment. Clearly a requirement if you want to get hired in Hollywood nowadays. It showed in the 1st Discovery episode, the story was leaden and dull, it took a tremendous effort to pay attention to the boring story and ignore the anti white subtext. Special effects were top notch though.