Friday, September 22, 2017

Paranoia and PsyOps: The Jason Kessler VDARE Interview, Part IV

NS: Now, I’ve read reports that said that you were in the Occupy Movement earlier.

JK: I was a truck driver for [deleted] when Occupy thing was going on, and there was an accident that sort of sidelined me from driving my truck, so when I got back to Charlottesville, they were [unclear] Occupy Charlottesville demonstration, in the park. Like they were camping there, and living there. Like, there were a lot of Occupy people, also bums, I don’t know. A lot of people were just hanging out there.

And I was interested in the idea of the disproportionate wealth and inequality, so I was interested in how the banks were manipulating currency, and screwing over working people.

I wanted to hear what these Occupy people had to say.

So, I went to their thing maybe three times. It wasn’t any kind of formal thing, I wasn’t marching with them, I didn’t have any membership in their group, I just went and talked with them. And then maybe like the last time I went to see them, I brought this friend along to do like a documentary or something. So, he brought a camera. And I was going to ask these people questions, to try and understand more about where they were coming from.

And they got really paranoid, and started saying I was from the FBI or something, so they were getting pretty hostile, physically hostile, so me and my friend just left.

And they had some guy following us down the street. We’d turn one corner, and then the other, and we’d still see this guy, like shadowing us.

It was night time, but we could clearly see him, so we called the police. Then we didn’t know what the hell this guy was going to do.

And after that, you know, I didn’t really have anything to do with them.

VDARE: And when was that?

JK: You characterize it as like I had some close relationship with these people.

VDARE: People are characterizing it that way. I can’t recall offhand who it was, but it’s definitely online.

How long ago…

JK: There’s a lot of psyops about me right now, a lot of people who are trying to assassinate my character, using these false narratives all because they just keep saying it. They don’t have to have any evidence.

The people—you know where it came from? It came from SPLC. Because who would know about stupid, bulls--t incident, where I went to this thing like three times…, the Occupy, the [unclear], and then SPLC puts out this narrative then, where I go to next, was like the fake news was like [Mike] Cernovich kind of people, and they have their own agenda for providing a false narrative, because they’ve seen that people have taken hits for this event, and they’re trying to distance themselves from any controversy.

VDARE: Now, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold up. Wait, wait. Shhh! Who are you talking about, in terms of the people who are trying to distance themselves, and who?

JK: There are people who are trying to smear me, as being like working for CNN, or part of the Occupy Movement, and they keep saying that, over and over and over again. And but they do it in a really manipulative way. It’s like they could just, if they think I worked for CNN, for instance, or I was part of … If they thought I work for CNN, they could just call CNN up, and ask them, and CNN would say, “No.”

And CNN has already put out a statement to Snopes, that Website, and said I’m not the guy who wrote for them. I was driving for [deleted] at that time. I was not writing at all.

So, but there’s people who are spreading this stuff, those would be like Mike Cernovich, Dinesh D’Souza, Lee Stranahan. These are a few people who I’ve seen who are engaging in like this malicious rumor-mongering, where they keep doing the same sort of tweets, where they’re like, “Has anybody heard that Jason works for CNN? It’s true.”

I’ve seen Dinesh D’Souza do this every f-----g day.

VDARE: You mentioned D’Souza, Lee Stranahan, and a third individual.

JK: Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, these are people who are doing this stuff.

Wait, who was the last one?

Jack Posobiec.

And this is basically social media?

JK: Yeah, yeah, they were going on social media. They might be doing other stuff, videos and stuff, but I don’t know about that. I just know that I keep getting tags in these tweets, like every f-----g day, where these people are saying, “Oh, did you know Jason worked for CNN?” “Did you know he’s part of Occupy?” It’s not true, but they keep saying it, to try and smear my reputation. ‘Cause they see me as a rival essentially.

VDARE: Well, that would explain a lot. There’s a lot of rivalries out there.

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Anonymous said...

The Occupy movement in the U.S. is based on the original Occupy Tel Aviv movement in israel. Young Israeli taking to the streets and camping rough in the parkway of the main street in Tel Aviv to protest high rent for apartments.

Anonymous said...

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