Saturday, September 30, 2017

Riding the Whirlwind, in a World of Breaking Fake News, and Fake Law: My New Report on the Charlottesville Five is Up!

By Nicholas Stix

“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind…”
Old Testament, Hosea 8:7.

Everything seems to be moving so fast these days.

The Taliban, er, Communists, are variously removing or vandalizing monuments to white heroes, including the Founding Fathers; the same, criminal Communists are rioting, trying to slaughter legal protesters of the Alt-Right, and even non-racial-oriented, mushy moderates like Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer group, at one legal rally after another; Communists and black supremacists are on TV every day (including at Senate hearings), shouting really loudly and really fast, and constantly interrupting the good guys, trying to make it impossible for anyone disagreeing with them to speak.

Patriots keep calling for lawful assemblies, in which to express grievances, and even applying for and receiving permits from the authorities, but the authorities keep violating the law, in support of criminals. And then those same authorities conspire to aid and abet the violent, masked Communists, and arrest the lawful demonstrators, when the latter defend themselves. Meanwhile, the media lie about … everything.

And the Republicans shout, “Me, too!”

On September 14, the two major anti-American parties acted as one, passing a Joint Congressional Resolution without dissent, signed by the lost, nominal Chief Executive, who seems to be in thrall to his Svengali daughter.

The JCR is unconstitutionally vague, shreds the Bill of Rights (especially the First and Fifth Amendments) and the Fourteenth Amendment, and criminalizes patriotism, while implicitly treating genocidal Communists, black supremacists, reconquistas, etc., as national heroes.

At the end of August, VDARE Editor-Publisher Peter Brimelow gave me three tasks:

• Learn the names and charges against all Charlottesville defendants;

• Break the defendants down into two lists—Alt-Right and Communist/Anarchist; and

• Based on Heather Heyer’s mother’s announcement that her (morbidly obese) daughter had died not of blunt force trauma but from a heart attack, find out what Heyer’s autopsy determined, and what effect that would have on the charges against James Alex Fields Jr....


Black-clad Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, on August 12

[Read the whole thing at VDARE.]


Anonymous said...

See here for second by second analysis of Preston-Long videos

Anonymous said...

"Communists and black supremacists are on TV every day (including at Senate hearings), shouting really loudly and really fast, and constantly interrupting the good guys, trying to make it impossible for anyone disagreeing with them to speak."

Negress was on CNN last night [evidently she was the one who resigned as the official national anthem singer in Baw-More. She was on the program with a white man and talking about the rule or the policy for the colored players not observing during the national anthem. She was talking loud, really fast [you could not barely understand her] and constantly interrupting.

The moderator almost lost total control of the program.

Anonymous said...

"those same authorities conspire to aid and abet the violent, masked Communists,"

Merely wearing a mask in public is a crime. Suggest some sort of criminal intent.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of Heather, a collision between a car and her would only bend the car.
Great job Mr. Stix--I wouldn't have thought this kind of frame-up could happen in our country. More and more we are suffering from a rule of men, not of law. Justice is going away fast.

FKA Max said...

Mr. Stix,

I just commented on your article over at

''UPDATE & CORRECTION! Heather Heyer WAS apparently hit by the car.
The vid is apparently AFTER she rolled off hood.

Archived link:
VDare just published a good update on the Charlottesville incident and event, but they are making/repeating the false claim in it that Heather Heyer was not hit by the car
If anyone associated with VDare is reading this comment, please let them know about this error/mistake, because this could be damaging to their reputation and credibility if they keep repeating this false claim.

Thank you.'' -

Chicago guy said...

Good article, read it at the Unz website. Shows what has been going on in the US for years now. We might be able to turn the corner with the new DOJ head so that's cause for hope.

Anonymous said...

I looked at your photo. I assume you're claiming Heyer was hit directly by the car, rather than by intervening people.

I see a plump white face over what appears to be a black shirt. There are no glasses, ponytail, or indication of gender. It may or may not be Heyer. Over the black shirt I see what looks like a flying white water bottle. Just under that is what appears to be a patch of very light blue cloth that can only be another person, perhaps their back or rear end (blue jeans?). That person is clearly between the black shirt and the Challenger. Directly in front of the black clad person is an airborne man with a tattoo on his back.

- I suggest that your black clad person was hit by the person in blue jeans and the tattooed man, not by the Challenger. Note that camera perspective in your photo may give an illusion of closeness.

Check out this photo. I counted at least twenty white people wearing black shirts, many of them quite large. Black was popular that day.

Check out this video.

The first frame is key. You can see the tattooed man directly to the right of the car, rolling on the ground. His tattoo is faintly visible on his back. There is a person with blue jeans and a black top rolling on the street about six feet further down. I think they're too slender to be the black clad person in your photo, but may be the owner of the light blue jeans.

The red circle highlights a large white person in a black top falling to the ground just after the initial impact. They are at least ten feet further forward and considerably to the front and right of the Challenger. The first frame shows a large gap in front of the Challenger, you can see light and shadows under the bumper.

- In order for the black clad person to fly so far, they must have been lifted into the air by the feet of the tattooed man and/or the jean clad person. That's hard to imagine. Either way, they were not hit directly by the car.

But I agree it's important to avoid final conclusions.