Friday, September 22, 2017

Have Charlottesville “Reporters” been Co-Conspirators with Violent Communists and Anarchists? The Jason Kessler VDARE Interview, Part II

NS: Now, when you say, “Harassing us,” with mobs of people, hundreds of people, what were the dates of this, what is the time frame?

JK: I mean, it was a number of different incidents, after May 13th. The next night, on May 14th, one of my friends was livestreaming a liberal, um, demonstration in front of the Lee Statue, and they were screaming at him—he’s a black kid—but they were calling him a “Nazi,” they were pushing him, and so forth, so I went down there to stand up for my friend.

I didn’t do anything illegal, but the police arrested me, and they used some faulty premise. They said that I was using a megaphone, and that was disorderly conduct, but yet the Vice Mayor, Wes Bellamy [who is likely a member of the murderous Nation of Islam], the militant black guy that’s trying to tear down the statue, he was using a megaphone only an hour or so earlier, and they didn’t arrest him. And those charges eventually didn’t go anywhere— it was null prossed, because they didn’t have evidence to convict me of that.

Anyway, they arrested me for giving a political speech in that incident, and in other instances, my friends and I would do meet-ups. Like, we did a meet-up with the Proud Boys in the Alt-Right one time. We went to this restaurant called Cinema Taco. We were peaceful, we were just sitting there trying to eat, and we got reporters staking us out, hanging out, following us. Then the Cinema Taco people banned us, and said they wouldn’t serve us anymore.

So, we went to one restaurant after another, and they kept banning us. And eventually, a mob of people gathered around us and were all screaming at us, calling us “Racists,” telling us about our white privilege. And eventually, we had to leave, because it wasn’t a safe environment.

[Assuming things went down the way Kessler recounted them, the “reporters” may have been criminal accomplices of the Communist rioters.

This scenario reminds me of one I exposed in 2012 at the University of Texas/Austin.

In an attempt to influence the Supreme Court in the incipient affirmative action case of Fisher v. University of Texas, Communist student activists were committing a series of transparent hate crime hoaxes. They would also spend their nights and weekends conspiring with media activists from the school newspaper, racially stalking and harassing normal, white students for the crime of having fun, particularly, “fiesta” parties. The Communist activists would hunt for the parties, find them, and then contact the media activists via Facebook. The “reporters” would then show up and photograph the innocent, white revelers, and chase after them on the street, trying to get “incriminating” photos of them wearing ponchos and sombreros.

When I exposed this racist conspiracy, one of the newspaper activists demanded I delete my blog item, and also that I meet with him. He kept emailing me demands for months.]

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