Thursday, September 28, 2017

ABC’s WJLA and Washington, DC Police Have Conjured Up a Non-Existent “Crime,” in Order to Railroad a White Man Whose Politics They Hate

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

“New video has D.C. residents convinced AU flyer suspect also targeted them.”

N.S.: The above-linked thing refers repeatedly to a “suspect,” who is “targeting” people, and quotes neighbors and a politician as speaking of “hate speech.” However, there is no legal category of “hate speech,” and the thing, by propaganda operative Mike Carter-Conneen, does not cite any crime that the white man whom WJLA and the Washington, DC and American University police are terrorizing and seeking to railroad, has committed. He is not a “suspect,” and he is not “targeting” anyone (that’s something rapists and robbers do); rather, he is a white man whom they hate, and seek to destroy, the law be damned.

The "suspect" informs people about the murder of Kate Steinle, allegedly by an illegal alien who had been deported five times, and says, "This is why you got Trump.” He also distributed a second flyer, but WJLA didn't even have the decency to tell us what it said, instead insinuating that the man was some kind of Nazi.

My VDARE Editor-Publisher, Peter Brimelow, observed to me a few days ago, how the authorities and the media are seeking to smuggle the unconstitutional notion of criminal “hate speech” into the law, the First Amendment be damned. This is yet another instance of that.

Indeed, I wrote an exposé in 2010 of a criminal conspiracy carried out by the University of Missouri/Columbia, in which the university and local law enforcement persecuted and convicted two young white men students who had engaged in protected, symbolic speech, of non-existent crimes. I called the victims, “the Mizzou Two.”

In 2012, I wrote an exposé of a rogue NYPD official, Deputy Inspector Michael Osgood, who also hunted after a white man whose “crime” was anonymously complaining about horrific, violent black student racists in a public school (P.S. 225, since re-branded P.S. 317, to hide the connection) in Queens, who had targeted him 20 years earlier, racist, black students who—aided and abetted by racist, black staffers—were brutalizing white children and their parents in the present. Michael Osgood’s “punishment” for his criminal misconduct? A promotion to deputy chief.

The same media who lie, in inventing non-existent, First Amendment rights for black supremacist NFL players to demonstrate in private, NFL workplaces, in support of racist, black, would-be cop-killers, also lie, in seeking to criminalize the exercise, by white citizens, of their First Amendment rights.

That’s life under Jim Snow.


Anonymous said...

In my local paper (liberal rag),"The GR Press",a young white sportswriter by the name of Kyle Meinke,penned a column denouncing NFL crowds booing the players for protesting.
"There are people who are risking their careers by standing up against racism,"he slobbered."Who are risking it all to help those who cannot help themselves."
Of course this is not accurate.These players are in no danger of losing anything.Au contraire,they have the white owners squeezed into a corner,where the only option the owners have is to give in to every demand the(mostly)black players can dream up.Blackmail by black males.Not only are the owners powerless(because by not showing solidarity with the blacks,the owners would lose the majority of their money making product),but the other 30% NON-black players on the roster cannot disagree with the blacks,or risk injury or rejection as a teammate,as punishment for opposing black viewpoints.
Meinke continues:"Where is the empathy for the players?They're not protesting the flag itself or the anthem itself.That's like saying Rosa Parks was protesting public transportation.
"Parks used the bus to make a point,as the players are doing during the anthem.They are using these symbols to make the country better for everyone."
Not better for me.
Not only that,but black protests are given tremendous latitude by the rich and liberal.Black protesters get to destroy property,steal,assault police,and break curfews.Whites,even trying to meekly claim "This(NFL games) is not the venue for protest",get called callous and racist, for not recognizing supposed police brutality against blacks and other racist behavior of whites.Whites must do whatever blacks want or be labeled "racist" and anti-black.
Meinke,is probably very inexperienced about living with slummy black neighbors,having confrontations with minorities(Mex included)or he wouldn't be as gung-ho about taking their side.
"These players don't hate America or their symbols."
Tell that to our various statues and monuments being torn down without objection from most government types.
"Lions coach Jim Caldwell said,'There are no SOBs on this team,these are men of integrity,fathers and brothers.'
Risking their livelihoods for other people isn't ungrateful,it's patriotic."
Only if you've been fooled into thinking any of these kneel down protests will make a difference to 99% of the blacks.It won't.And integrity?Don't make me list all the criminal records of the players with "integrity."
The NFL tries to cover up black criminal behavior(or just their behavior period)--until it explodes into a drug bust or domestic abuse.What we see is the proverbial tip of the iceberg.If they didn't have football,most black players couldn't hold a job and would wind up in prison.
So the war goes on.Another battle in the continuing conflict of the races.I swear the rich liberals just do this for laughs sometime.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Forebears? whether the league is destroyed and they go down the tubes with the whole mess is not even thought of. Thoughtless people devoid of any rationality to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly,FOX news played the Rosa Parks comment from none other than Don Lemon from the night before.Either Meinke stole the line from Lemon or vice versa (I'm kidding,not a chance Lemon even knows who Meinke is)OR that's the standard line being handed out to Dem and black sympathizers--who Lemon and Meinke are.Meinke is a nobody--trying to be a white traitor.Looks like he's succeeded.
--GR Anonymous