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UVA Rape Hoaxers Jacqueline “Jackie” Coakley and Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s Lies Sound an Awful Lot Like the Story Told in Senate Testimony by UVA Rape “Sexual Assault Activist” Emily Renda

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Recent UVA grad Emily Renda claims to have been raped as a UVA freshman in spring, 2011. She has recited her story, which she calls “typical,” hundreds of times as an activist.

I know Renda is a liar, because she asserts that rape is “typical on the UVA campus. If she would lie about that, she would lie about having been raped.

Hoaxers these days typically work use a parallel m.o.: They claim that a culture of hate/rape/whatever exists, and that the hoax du jour they are promoting is merely yet another case of the “culture.” If they were telling the truth, their hoaxes wouldn’t be constantly collapsing.

Point 2: “Activists” in these matters are almost always pathological liars.

Point 3: Lying activists have tremendous support from the overlapping groups of the MSM, feminists, and the antiversity. Questioning even the most transparent lies can be professional suicide. One must be “sensitive” to their suffering.

If Emily Renda would lie about rape being “typical” at UVA, there’s a very good chance that she lied about being raped.

Jackie's Story Echoed Emily Renda's Senate Testimony

By Son of Brock Landers
December 13, 2014
28 Sherman

Even after my Erdely-Renda post from Thursday, the Rolling Stone article continues to unravel elsewhere. The Washington Post managed to do the yeoman's work on the problems to the story. Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller has interviewed Jackie's friend Randall, adding to the catfish elements to the story. Emily Renda's still skating free from scrutiny except here. A really weird coincidence is found between Renda's words and Jackie's story in the Rolling Stone. This plays into who came up with Sabrina Erdely's story details. The media should be asking Emily Renda deeper questions than the softballs NPR threw her way.

Jackie's story to her friends differs from Erdely's reporting. Jackie has accused Erdely of lying, people have accused Jackie of lying, and it is a tornado of lies. This is where Renda fits in. Emily Renda's testimony to the Senate was in June. Here is a passage about a vicious rape on campus.
One of the student survivors I worked with, Jenna*, was gang-raped by five fraternity men early in her freshman year. Despite the severity of the assault and injuries she sustained, Jenna still experienced a feeling of personal responsibility. Looking for affirmation, she sought out peers and told her story. Sadly, each and every one of the friends she reached out to responded with varying denials of her experience; these responses worsened her feelings of self-blame – that she must be confused because that fraternity “is full of great guys”; that she must have made them think she was “down for that”; questioning how no one else at the party could have heard what was going on if she was telling the truth; or discouraging her from seeking help because “you don’t want to be one of those girls who has a reputation” for reporting “that kind of thing.” These statements haunted Jenna. She told me that they made her feel crazy, and made her question whether her own understanding of the rape was legitimate.
Sounds familiar? Jenna was a "changed name" to protect the victim. Is Jenna really Jackie? The section on the social life obsessed friends sticks out and sounds eerily reminiscent of something else I recently read. Here's the callous friends section of the Rolling Stone UVA article.
Their other two friends, however, weren't convinced. "Is that such a good idea?" she recalls Cindy asking. "Her reputation
will be shot for the next four years." Andy seconded the opinion, adding that since he and Randall both planned to rush fraternities, they ought to think this through. The three friends launched into a heated discussion about the social price of reporting Jackie's rape, while Jackie stood beside them, mute in her bloody dress, wishing only to go back to her dorm room and fall
into a deep, forgetful sleep. Detached, Jackie listened as Cindy prevailed over the group: "She's gonna be the girl who cried 'rape,' and we'll never be allowed into any frat party again."
There are a lot of similarities. The rape itself involved seven fraternity brothers. It was early in the girl's freshman year. The friends doubted her and were worried about the social implications. The reputation word used. Erdely said she started looking for a college in June. Renda's testimony was in late June. These are all just coincidences, but coincidences worth exploring before the project coordinator to the Vice President of Student Affairs at UVa starts changing policies.

If Jackie doesn't support Erdely's details, did Erdely make them up completely? Did Renda help Erdely fill in details from other attacks she knew of? Is Jenna from the Senate testimony Jackie? If so, why was it 5 men raping her for the Senate but 7 for the Rolling Stone article? If not, does UVa have a campus full of gang rapists and doubting Thomas friends that are obsessed with reputations? That sounds unlikely, but no one is asking Emily Renda. The media should be asking Ms. Renda these questions and her involvement with Erdely's story beyond matchmaker. If she is completely innocent, then Erdely needs to come clean.

This story was a horrible farce. Horrible in the smears and the lies, and the avoidance of actual rapes on campuses across America. It was also a lie in hiding the progressive side involved. Sabrina Erdely wrote this line, "But like most colleges across America, genteel University of Virginia has no radical feminist culture seeking to upend the patriarchy". "Genteel", so you can picture young patriarchs in white suits or seersucker suits sipping cool drinks in the shade of their antebellum mansions. This is all part of Erdely's narrative pitch. It is a narrative with major holes though. "No radical feminist culture" sounds fake to me. What else do we call an activist who pushed lying Jackie and multiple other student activists into the arms of Erdely for a national story? Lying to the national press may not be radical in Erdely's book, but it is to the rest of us.

Posted by Son of Brock Landers

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Anonymous said...

March 2014 photo from Emily Renda's Instagram account shows easel, flag, pictures of Obama and Biden, with this caption: "Back in the White House helping design a website!"

The Dude said...

Didn't Jackie's friends recently say the story she told them was that five guys forced Jackie to give BJ's? If so their recent story matches Renda's June Senate story. So where did Rubin get her broken glass, gang raping floor-groveling 7 or 8 guys stuff from? Wasn't Rubin talking to Jackie for a year or so? Therefore prior to Renda's Senate story? What did Rubin know know and when did she know it?

Anonymous said...

Journalist Charles C. Johnson needs to FOIA the White House visitor log to find out dates Emily Renda visited, and if Sabrina Rubin Erdely ever visited.

Mike said...

Mostly OT: Media/journalism has a major problem. So much of what gets reported is at best chosen to support an Agenda (e.g. all white men are rapists, diversity is a blessing), and at worst, a total fabrication. Here's an article that I saw in a couple different places this morning: By the end of the day, the story already unraveled. If you read the yahoo piece, they provide the original authors name from NY Mag, Jessica Pressler. My hunch was probably another 20-something, lib arts grad, spoiled white girl when I saw the name. Her website About Me is illuminating: First, note the photo. Gotta keep it real, yo! From her About me: "She writes mostly about personalities: Wall Street CEOs, movie stars" "A former staff writer at Philadelphia magazine, she was virtually run out of town (ed. emphasis mine) after writing an article for the New York Times in which someone declared the city to be a “sixth borough,” of New York." So we've got a girl from an affluent Northeast city suburb, who's obsessed with Alpha males, sees herself as a victim and has an obnoxious sense of humor. Welcome to 80% of the female dating pop in NE cities btw. Her twitter account is full of all the charm you'd expect from a vapid, entitled chick. My question is: why do news outlets run these pieces without basic fact checking and why do cunts like these get a platform?

Anonymous said...

Can you find what the salary of Rendle or her boss are. Not seeing her come up on the salary search.

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