Sunday, December 28, 2014

Global Inequality’s Elephant in the Room

See my new VDARE report: “Police Turn Their Backs on de Blasio—but They’d Already Turned Their Backs on the White Working Class”
By Nicholas Stix



Chicago guy said...

The current police chief of Chicago Garry McCarthy publicly stated some time back that the high level of black shootings, with which everyone is so concerned, was attributable to the legacy of the 'Pilgrims' and also blamed Sarah Palin. Can you believe that? He's on Youtube with that so people can look for clips and be amazed. A police chief in St Louis quickly declared the hammer murder of the Bosnian to be non-racial even before the suspects were all in custody which makes him a mind reader. Police chiefs are political and are appointed by politicians and therefore spin things on their behalf. The chiefs don't really represent the average policeman who in turn call non-police 'civilians' even though they themselves are actually civilians. They form their own group. A lot of them are lazy and discourage complaints by turning them around against the complainant, thus sending the message not to bother them and disappearing crime at the same time. They're people employed to do a job. Some are sympathetic, some aren't, and one never knows what they'll get when they call the police.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy is a classic. Power over others would have been his dream as even a small child. He has achieved a measure of that power as head of police for a large city. He's going to keep his hands on that power by doing and saying anything. Men like are him are without moral convictions of any kind. It allows them great flexibility. As dangerous as your average gun-wielding Trayvon might be, McCarthy is far, far more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I went to a community meeting on the near north side of Chicago. It was my first and last CAP meeting. I was concerned about the black mobs on Michigan Avenue and the lake front. The cop holding the meeting was so obnoxious. He was cocky and flippant. He told everyone that the mobs were not a race issue. An Asian doctor had just been mugged walking home from the hospital to a condo across the street from me. The cop would not let me speak. I guess he sensed that I knew the score. I will respect good police officers,but not nasty cops.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Boston and learned both that the policeman is nobody's friend and crooked cop is a redundancy.