Monday, December 29, 2014

New York City: White Man Teacher Sues City, Charging Years of Racist and Sexist Abuse

By Gerard Perry

At Weaselzippers.


Anonymous said...

I think most of us have colorful stories and unbelievable tales to tell about our experience while living and working among the diversity population. I recall when I first began working for a major city, I was sent to neighborhoods that black women were too afraid to be assigned to. They thought it was funny to send a young blond woman out in the crime ridden trenches. I was constantly hit up on by black males and got the wrath of the black females.They were jealous,hostile and malevolent.It was one of the most miserable time of my life.

Nicholas said...

Thanks for writing. I hope you weren't harmed.

I was a foster care and sometimes adoption caseworker in NYC, late 1980s-early 1990s.

When and where did you do that? What was your job title?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick...City of Chicago,same time period.Department on Aging and Disability Assistant Special in Aging/ Site Manager,supervised congregate dining at nutrition sites... Planned programs, trips special events for seniors. I have been a crime victim on a few occasions especially when I lived in the Hyde Park area of Chicago near the University of Chicago.