Sunday, December 28, 2014

Supporting Cops, Whether They are Right or Wrong, Makes Us Look Like Fools

Re: “Police Turn Their Backs on de Blasio—but They’d Already Turned Their Backs on the White Working Class.”

By G.

Thumbs up! I told a few stories over on Radix, but cop-loving conservatwits are rife over there. I don't hate cops. Like you, I'm ambivalent. But there are cop problems out there that should be honestly addressed. Supporting cops, whether they are right or wrong, makes us look like fools.


Stan D Mute said...

A genuine conservative is against Big Government and, by extension, its arm of violence against its own citizens. Government, and cops, are necessary evils that must be restrained as much as possible. So there is no contradiction between being pro-police and supporting those cops who do their job professionally and respectfully versus being against those who endorse and enforce Anarcho-Tyranny. I am thankful to the cops who keep the negro undertow in check. But I strongly oppose those dirtbags who will pencil-whip the crime stats for PC purposes, ignore crime victims, and use unnecessary violence. Cops hold a highly privileged place in our society and therefore must be held to a much higher standard of ethics than average citizens.

Anonymous said...

Let me be as clear and as blunt as possible: an abusive police state is necessary in order to hold a "multicultural" society together.

If you go to one of the few white areas left in this nation, or anywhere in the world--the ranks of police necessary to keep the peace plummets because crime goes down astronomically.

The end results of what is happening right now will be turning a blind eye to non-white crimes, a refocusing of resources into policing whites for revenue generation purposes; this is easier, more profitable, and much safer for cops.

Crime will explode, of course. Politicians, psychologists, the MSM, and other assorted idiot savants from the left will double down with their suicidal stupidity and blame whitey for the sad state of affairs and demand even more money to solve the mess.

Eventually the pendulum will swing hard in the other direction, people will beg for a police state; even most of those who are ideologically opposed to one now.

So basically, a multicultural society is both ungovernable, unpolice-able, and unsustainable.

We are already teetering on full blown bankruptcy with many tens of millions of unemployed around the nation, while this government insists on importing half the third world, no matter what the costs or consequences ALL THE WHILE with automation destined to take 1/3 of all present jobs with the next decade alone. Talk about packing the dynamite.

It really doesn't take a genius to see what is in store for the nation from the ever angry, entitled and infantilized low IQ negro population that has low to no impulse control--who will not be able to compete in an ever increasingly technological environment, while being simultaneously being squeezed out of the job market by foreigners.

Total hell awaits because no one in power wants to deal with reality because they are either chicken shit cowards or fools who have drank too much Kool-Aid and actually believe their own BS; kinda like Rand Paul who has done both.

Total segregation will be mandatory for any future society to function and for whites to survive. The same way Israel survives in the midst of extremely hostile nations.

Anonymous said...

"Great White" has written one of the best comments I've read in the alternative media in a long time. Yes, an abusive police state is necessary in a "multi-cultural" society, especially as the blacks and other minorities are so ardent in support of street criminals. While it's true the cops can be abusive, the cops are no where near as abusive as are all the feral street criminals roaming America's streets.

We are, us Whites, being pushed into a corner whereby we either have to support living in a police state, however abusive, or living in a third world hell of African violence and misery.

A militarized police force is part and parcel of being a third world country [ which Uncle Sam wants the USA to devolve into]. If blacks are so very opposed to a militarized police force, they should consider staying home and doing their school homework and/or learning a trade and stop their criminal behavior. The blacks have every opportunity in the USA to live productive lives if they want to. Every school and every company in the USA is trying desperately to recruit and hire blacks. In some ways, the blacks have more opportunity in the USA than most white Americans have. If white liberals/leftists are so very appalled by, and so very opposed to, a militarized police force, they need to stop making a million excuses for black criminal behavior.

The blacks cry about racism, yet blacks have the choice to go to ALL-black colleges, or so-called "white" colleges. ALL white, or so-called "white" colleges, are legally required to be integrated. Black colleges are NOT legally required to take in NON black students. Blacks have scholarships just for blacks, and NO ONE else. Us Whites are legally prohibited from having scholarships for White students. With the college situation, especially, we see clearly it's us Whites who are being racially discriminated against, NOT blacks.

The President of the USA is black, the Attorney General of the USA is black, the head of NASA is black, many big city mayors are black,there're many black congressmen and women, and Hollywood is now mainly black -- mainly inspired by black music and black sensibilities, the world of sports is now mainly black.

The supervising police officer at the Garner arrest, by the way, was a black female police officer. Also, never mentioned at all anywhere, many corrupt cops are black and minority cops. Many of the abusive cops are black and minority cops. Of those cops who are abusive, many of them are black and minority cops.

The blacks want to integrate into every White neighborhood in the USA, yet they do NOT want any NON blacks in their black neighborhoods. Whites who don't want to live in black neighborhoods are "racist" ; Whites who move into predominately black neighborhoods,the "gentrifiers", are "racist". Asians who open stores in black neighborhoods are "racist".

The choice now, we have been pushed into this choice, either a militarized police state or a black African hell.

The non-leftist, conservative Whites who want to criticize the cops need to make it very clear they are in no way supporting black criminality, or any other type of criminality. They need to focus their complaints on how the police have turned their backs on us White working class, or their criticism of the police will be used by our enemies to continue justifying black street criminals -- and White and Jew anarchists/communists.

Stix's article about the cops turning their backs on us working-class Whites was excellent. Excellent in its' truth. That's what us Whites should focus on when we criticize the cops, or otherwise, our criticisms will be used by our enemies against us, that's for sure.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

This site gets more interesting by the day. Great articles and I love the comments.