Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Ladd Everitt Gets Busted, Lying about Gun-Grabber Video


Anonymous said...

The gun control advocates NEVER address the fact that there's a huge underground black market of weapons in this country.

The street criminals do not purchase their guns in gun stores -- they can't pass the required background checks. They buy their guns in the streets from the underground street trade in weapons.

The gun control advocates want to take away the guns from law-abiding Americans who just want a gun to protect themselves and their families from all the criminals. The gun control advocates don't seem to want to end, or even lessen, the black market weapons trade where the criminals but their guns.

Also, not one politician from any party will address the issue of the huge underground illegal black market of weapons taking place on the streets amongst criminals.

The huge underground black market trade in weapons in this country is a giant elephant in the living room. Neither the gun control advocates nor the politicians address this issue, yet the issue stands in the very center of gun control. The underground market in weapons should be ended, not our Second Amendment rights.

The gun control advocates have their heads up their assess if they truly think the street criminals and all the felons in this country walk into gun stores, fill out all the required paperwork, pass all the background checks. Many of them have warrants out on them -- they do NOT buy their guns in the gun stores where law abiding Americans buy their guns.

Thank you for the video, but I didn't watch it. Gun control advocates turn my stomach.

The poor negro teenagers, and others -- like the poor illegal aliens in this country, and those criminals of all stripes who spend years in prison, walk out of prison after serving their time, a week after getting out, they have a gun -- all of them always seem to have the money to buy guns on the streets. The guns sold on the black market are NOT inexpensive. In addition to having the money to buy guns on the black market, all of them, of course, have the savvy to by-pass the gun stores and the required background checks.

So many base their premises concerning the gun control issue as if everyone in the US buys guns in gun stores and everyone goes through the background checks. A truly stupid and naïve and willingly blind way to approach the gun control debate.

It would be inspiring if some politicians would point to the elephant in the living room and start addressing the illegal street trade in weaponry.

I think the police are being stood down and not allowed to go after the mobsters that own and control the illegal street trade in weapons. We're all expected to pretend the illegal street trade in weapons doesn't exist. Amazing!

From : Salvatore

Stan D Mute said...

I'm not sure what Salvatore's long comment was intended to address. America has never had a gun problem - she has a negro problem (and increasingly a Central American Indian problem). It is extremely rare for a white gun owner to commit a crime with it. That's how a white town with 20,000 citizens can go years, decades even, without a murder. But a negro town of 20,000 will have a murder a week with or without guns. The guns make it easier I suppose, but the murders will happen anyway.

Additionally, I very much doubt the crime committing negroes are buying guns from guys named Sal wearing fedoras (or whatever real mafioso wear these days). More likely they're getting guns from homeboys named Shitavious who just stole them in a B&E from a white homeowner who hasn't figured out yet his neighborhood has "turned."

I think Salvatore is as confused as the politicians and media. Again, negro problem - not gun problem.

Anonymous said...

@ Stan D Mute

Too bad you don't STFU as your last name would suggest.

The reason the illegal street trade in weaponry is never addressed in this country is because the mob who owns the underground market in weaponry is JEW. Jew to-the-core, with lots of blacks, and lots of Mexicans and other type of spics, working hand-in-hand with their JEW mob bosses.

Negroes, Mexicans, illegal aliens, ex-convicts, are buying guns from guys named Shlomo and Bernie and Mel.

Sometimes Mexicans even buy their guns from negroes [ negroes on the JEW payroll]:

Research :

"Obama, Holder + Operation Fast and Furious"

There is most definitely a very well organized and very deeply entrenched underground street trade in illegal weapons in the US, and it's most definitely owned by Jews at the highest level. Tons of blacks work in the JEW owned underground weapons trade. Even Obama and Holder.

Again, JEW problem, negro problem, not gun problem. Oh, and a Chinese problem too. The Chinese are running illegal weapons into the US to supply the underground market[ via the Port of Long Beach, CA ]. The Russian mafia [ also Jew to-the-core] is also heavily involved in selling weaponry in the black market.

You sound deeply perturbed I brought up the issue of the JEW owned underground trade in weaponry. What type of hats are the Jew gun-running mobsters wearing these days, or are you going to go Mute on me now?

All the bullshit in the world, including your bullshit, Stan, can't cover up the fact of the huge underground weapons market in this country. Maybe your mishpucka boss could fork over some dough and get you some professional acting lessons. You suck as a troll [ way too obvious]. But keep trying. If you try hard enough, maybe some day you'll get the hang of acting -- figure out the nuances and subtitles of your "chosen" profession. Why heck, maybe someday you'll be so good at your acting career, you might even get a raise some day, but you really need to keep practicing.

I did a better job acting in my first grade stage extravaganza, "On The Good Ship Lollipop". And I messed up a few lines too boot, and I still did a better job acting than you are now.

From : Salvatore