Monday, December 29, 2014

There is No Contradiction Between being Pro-Police and Opposing Anarcho-Tyranny

Re: “Police Turn Their Backs on de Blasio—but They’d Already Turned Their Backs on the White Working Class”

By Stan D Mute

A genuine conservative is against Big Government and, by extension, its arm of violence against its own citizens. Government, and cops, are necessary evils that must be restrained as much as possible. So there is no contradiction between being pro-police and supporting those cops who do their job professionally and respectfully, versus being against those who endorse and enforce Anarcho-Tyranny. I am thankful to the cops who keep the negro undertow in check. But I strongly oppose those dirtbags who will pencil-whip the crime stats for PC purposes, ignore crime victims, and use unnecessary violence. Cops hold a highly privileged place in our society, and therefore must be held to a much higher standard of ethics than average citizens.

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