Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Movies—They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used to! My New VDARE Column is Up!



By Nicholas Stix




Anonymous said...

The late director Bob Clark had an eclectic list of films. The early 80's comedic hit "Porky's," was directed by him.

My favorite of his films is 1979's "Murder By Decree," in which Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson go after the real-life serial killer Jack The Ripper.

Holmes as played by Christopher Plummer is a "sensitive" Holmes, different from Basil Rathbone.

James Mason's Dr. Watson steals the film. The film is entertaining with good atmosphere and cast.

David In TN

jeigheff said...

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for yet another thoughtful work of writing.

I've gotten the same feeling you described while watching the WWII dramas "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific." I was struck by the impression that our nation once knew how to deal with its enemies. Sadly, America's current political leaders and its so-called "elites" are too feeble and wicked to do that now.

Anonymous said...

I like the movie and song breaks in between the grim reality that we may fall prey one day to the undertow. I really appreciate film noir. I watched an old movie on Turner Classics today staring the actress Mercedes Cambridge. When I read about her tragic personal life, no movie script could compare. She was the voice in the Exsorsist. Her son was involved in a banking fraud scheme. He later murdered his wife and children while wearing a Halloween mask. Nick you occasionally mention actors. If you can ever find time please add more interesting tidbits.