Sunday, December 28, 2014

“Garbage”: Ferguson PD Public Information Officer Timothy Zoll Momentarily Screwed Up and Told the Truth, and Now He’s Paying the Price

See my new VDARE report: “Police Turn Their Backs on de Blasio—but They’d Already Turned Their Backs on the White Working Class”

Washington Post reporter Jose A. DelReal ‏writes,
Jose A. DelReal ‏@jdelreal 3h3 hours ago
The Ferguson Police Department initially accused me of misquoting the officer.
To which I responded,

"Garbage." He screwed up, and told the truth to you, which forced him to lie to his bosses.
9:15 PM - 27 Dec 2014


He momentarily forgot that he's paid to lie, and now he's paying the price.
9:16 PM - 27 Dec 2014

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