Saturday, December 27, 2014

Masses of Cops Turn Their Backs on Mayor de Blasio at Officer Rafael Ramos’ Funeral; MSM Say “Hundreds,” Witnesses Say “Thousands” (Photograph)


See my new VDARE report: “Police Turn Their Backs on de Blasio—but They’d Already Turned Their Backs on the White Working Class”

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Chicago guy said...

OT but on Friday 12/26 hundreds of blacks went on a rampage at Chicago's Navy Pier, a popular tourist attraction featuring Winter Wonderfest. The large mob then streamed out into the various neighborhoods. Local news showed helicopter shots of masses of blacks everywhere; they were barging into stores and running out with merchandise and just creating havoc. The rest of the news was mostly about the latest black shootings and how terrible it all is etc. Maybe they should call it the black news report seeing as how they figure so prominently in it. The print media seems to be downplaying it somewhat, referring to a 'fight' involving maybe thirty people. The video showed many hundreds, perhaps thousands, involved. They had to close early.
Go with family or friends to see something as pleasant as Winter Wonderland and end up in the hospital instead.