Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Lululemon Murder Trial, Day 3: The Apple Employees Who Heard the Murder, but Did Nothing

By David in TN

Murder victim Jayna Murray


Employees at the Bethesda Apple store that shares a wall with Lululemon heard Jayna Murray being murdered. They did nothing.

Apple employee Jana Svrzo testified Friday that she heard a voice say “Talk to me. Don’t do this. Talk to me. What's going on.” She said the noises that caught her attention were heavy thuds.

Mug shot of Murray’s killer, Brittany Norwood


“Svrzo said she asked both a store manager and security guards to check out the source of the noise. Jurors were shown a surveillance video from inside the Apple store, in which she and two others were seen standing close to the wall and listening.”

Apple employee Jana Svrzo told two managers what she'd heard, but they refused to do anything


The other store manager, one Ricardo Rios said, “I couldn't pick up anything, ‘cause all I could hear was crying. Kind of like when you can't breath and you are trying to talk.”

Apple store senior manager Ricardo Rios suffered no repercussions for his negligence; instead, Apple made the security guards the fall guys


After testifying, the Apple employees ignored questions from reporters. Two security guards on duty were fired the next day. The two managers were not.

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rjp said...

You can't fire a manager named Ricardo Rios .....

Dutch Boy said...

Another outrage:

Anonymous said...

Please tell me the White murder victim was not so imbued with P.C./White guilt in the process of being murdered by this Black murderer, that she feared public recrimination if she struck back with equal, or superior force.

If the victim was correctly heard through the walls of the adjoining store with the placating expression of "talk to me" while being attacked by the mad whacker, then I can only surmise. R.I.P.

"You can't fire a manager named Ricardo Rios...."

You're probably right... how the mighty have fallen... 'sigh'.

DoubleK said...

Thank you for addressing Apple's silence. I am outraged at the company. First at least two employees hear the murder but do nothing. Do not call police. Do not go next store. Then Apple is completely silent. Is this the corporate culture of Apple? I am urging a boycott of Apple until Apple makes a statement, and a satisfactory one at that.