Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Lululemon Murder Trial, Day 2: A Bloody Video, in a Tear-Filled Courtroom


Murder victim Jayna Murray


By David in TN

On Thursday, October 27, a tape was played in the courtroom in which Brittany Norwood claimed to have attempted to help Jayna Murray during a brutal attack by two non-existent assailants. Norwood’s attorneys admit this was a “detailed and deliberate lie.”

Mug shot of Murray’s killer, Brittany Norwood


Later in the day, a forensic investigator testified, while a video was played of the crime scene.

There were tears in the courtroom as the camera showed the area awash in blood where Murray’s body was found. Prosecutors say Murray sustained at least 322 injuries, most while alive.

Amanda Kraemer, the investigator, described the murder weapons. These included box cutters, a merchandise peg, and a hammer.

The forensic nurse who examined Norwood “testified that she didn't find evidence that Norwood was sexually assaulted as she had claimed.”

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