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Race Hustles 'R Us

Heroes and Heels of 2001
By Nicholas Stix

January 5, 2002
Toogood Reports/A Different

The year just past had more drama than even its immediate predecessor. In addition to the usual sorts of heels, we became acquainted with individuals who properly require a different descriptor. But since this is a family website, "heel" will have to do. And since 2001 was a war year, we also saw a sort of heroism which I as a young man, was raised on, but of which today's young people had seen little. Observing heels may provide laughter, a boost to one's self-esteem ("Look at that jack--s; how could anyone be such a fool?!"), and a cautionary tale that may temper one's hubris. Studying heroes teaches us awe, respect, the necessity of not taking the easy way out, and ... an inducement to hubris, since acts of greatness are often the result of someone getting in "over his head." Let's look at the heels first.

On the race hustle front, it was the usual suspects at work. The year started off with the racist black chairwoman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Mary Frances Berry, convening hearings to perpetuate the 2000 Florida Disenfranchisement Hoax. Although Berry could not come up with a single witness who even claimed to have witnessed the disenfranchisement of black Florida voters, and illegally suppressed dissenting reports by commissioners Abigail Thernstrom and Russell Redenbaugh, she still had the nerve to say that one may not simply make charges without evidence, advice Berry would have done well to heed herself. Berry ended the year, by illegally refusing to seat Bush appointee Peter Kirsanow to the Commission, while illegally retaining former commissioner Victoria Wilson, after Wilson's appointment had expired.

Jesse Jackson outdid himself, in extorting $7.8 BILLION out of Toyota Motor Sales USA, based on a phony "racism" charge. Toyota's mistake, it seems, was in taking out ads aimed at black consumers. Of course, had the company NOT paid for black-targeted ads, Jesse's reaction would have been ... the same! And let us not forget Toyota's executives and Board of Directors, without whom Jesse could not have had such a memorable year.

Al Sharpton, and the Bronx Gang of Borough President Fernando "Freddie" Ferrer, County Democratic Chairman Roberto "Bobby" Ramirez, and Ferrer adviser Bill Lynch, sought to turn the New York City Democratic mayoral primary into "Florida II." Sharpton & Co., whose candidate, Ferrer, played the race card in the primary and lost, to white socialist Public Advocate Mark Green, dishonestly accused Green of having waged a racist campaign, and also outrageously suggested that Green had benefited from double-counted votes. Sharpton & Co. then worked to encourage black and Hispanic voters to sit out the general election, or to vote for Republican candidate Michael Bloomberg. The strategy succeeded at electing the "unelectable" Bloomberg, who will be dubbed an unregenerate "racist," the moment he says "no" to black leaders.

The Rev. Damon Lynch III of Cincinnati's Black United Front played a major role in instigating the black-on-white race riots that engulfed "the Queen City" in April and then again, in September. Lynch sought, through threatening more of the same and brandishing a list of non-negotiable demands, to become de facto mayor of Cincinnati. In a shameless performance of modern Uncle Tommism, Mayor Charlie Luken indulged the reverend (for a time). The local and national media played their usual roles of misrepresenting racist, black mob violence as a justified reaction to white "racism."

The year in race hoaxes ended with CEO Kweisi Mfume/Frizzell Gray, Chairman of the Board Julian Bond, the entire national NAACP, Adora Obi Nweze and the Florida Conference of NAACP chapters, and plaintiffs Dante Gilliam, Jamie Morrison, Latoya Straughn, Napoleon Berrian and Mark Simmonds, shaking down Adam's Mark Hotels for a total of $5 million dollars, in a lawsuit/"boycott" scam whose purpose seemed to be to force Adam's Mark founder and CEO Fred Bossert to pay blacks to stay in his hotels.

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