Wednesday, November 30, 2011

White Man Goes to Harlem to Sign Racial Peace Treaty with Blacks

White guy: “‘The system’ is a nice way of saying ‘white people.’”
Black guy, laughing: “You got it right.”

Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn: Nick Goes to Harlem


I heartily thank Kathy Shaidle, of Five Feet of Fury, for sending along this video.

In my post yesterday, “How Reporters Misrepresent Blatant Black Racism as Anger at ‘the System’: Beth Warren and the 2005 Brian Nichols Murder Spree,” I pulled a passage from my 2005 exposé on the Atlanta law enforcement and criminal justice system, in the context of black supremacist Brian Nichols’ racist murder spree. I showed one of the tricks that politically corrupt “reporters” like Beth Warren use to misrepresent black racism: Translating blacks’ statements expressing their racist hatred of whites into anger at some faceless, raceless “system.”

Kathy read that, and immediately sent me the above video, in which she told me to look for the spot 1:40 in. A black man in Harlem talks about “the system,” and thank heavens the white comic, Nick DiPaolo, doesn’t let him get away with it.

But that was sometime between 2002 and 2004. Would a white comic still be able to get away with that today?

[Thanks to sneakerpimpin2381, for the upload.]

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